Recipe Coffee shakerato

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Category Drinks
préparation: 5 min.
portions: 1 pieces
difficulté: very low

Cooking process


THE’Express is a daily ritual for the people of Italy to drink still hot and steaming freshly brewed just wake up in the morning at home mocha. But when the summer heat embraces the boot the desire of refreshing drinks takes over even before one of the pillars of Italian culinary culture. C’But it is a way to enjoy l’intense aroma of even from cold coffee making coffee shaken! This is a tasty variation of the classic coffee espresso after dinner with coffee, ice and liquid sugar. Each bartender has his secret recipe but the common feature of all of the variants consists of a frothy foam and compact, similar to the cappuccino cream that is created after having shaken the ingredients! Inviting two layers, one of coffee and the’Another foam, that there will literally… licking a mustache!

Blended coffee drink with lemon

Coffee expressed 100 g
Brown sugar liquid 50 g
Ice 200 g
to cool the cup
Ice 50 g


blended coffee drink

To prepare the blended coffee started doing cool martini glass in which you will serve your coffee (1). Alternatively you can cool the pan a few minutes in the freezer. While cools take the shaker and fill it with 8-10 ice cubes (2) and add sugar solution (3).

blended coffee drink

Then pour the coffee (4). IS’ basic pay last coffee in a shaker to prevent the heat of the coffee melt the ice and produces less formation of compact foam that characterizes this drink. In fact, once it poured the coffee must quickly close the shaker (5) and shake vigorously (6). Just shake for about 10-15 seconds.

blended coffee drink

Lying above the lower cup of the shaker the strainer for filtering the coffee (7). If you do not own the strainer you can use a spoon to block the ice to’inside the shaker. Then pour in the now cold cup (8) and… enjoy your coffee shaken (9)!


It is advisable to consume the blended coffee just ready to savor fully the’aroma and with the compact foam that characterizes it.


Your coffee with flavored liqueur such as Grand Marnier and Bayley’s, to be added in a shaker before pouring the coffee