Bon Bon Coconut and White Chocolate

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Category Dolcetti
Préparation: -
personnes: 10 people
difficulté: low

Cooking process

Bon Bon Coconut and White Chocolate

Exquisite morsels made with coconut and white chocolate ... Easy to carry and successful ...

How do Bon Bon Coconut and White Chocolate

Ingredients (for 10 persons)

1 glass of milk
130 grams of margarine (Or butter)
100 grams of chocolate (White grated)
200 grams of coconut (Grated)
250 grams of biscuits (Dry type gold biscuit)
150 grams of powdered sugar
q.s. hazelnut (Shelled (optional))
q.s. coconut (Grated for spolverere at the end)
q.s. of chocolate (White grated spolverere to the end)


    Soften the butter or margarine at room temperature.
    Cut it into pieces and arrange in a bowl along with all the other ingredients (Except hazelnuts ....).
    Work it all until a firm dough can be shaped.
    Get the balls by inserting, if you like, a hazelnut at the center.
    Pass them on a tray on which was previously put the coconut and the grated chocolate and dusting.
    And now bon appetit !!!