Strawberry tree

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Good day, now that the Christmas menu is already decided and you'll be super busy with the preparations of struffoli, panettone etc, my today, more than a recipe is an idea, a Christmas tree made of strawberries to take to the table in these festive days instead of or as an accompaniment to fruit basket. I know it's not the season of strawberries, but this time I saw them in almost all the super markets in my area, so, even if their flavor is very sweet, I got the urge to buy them to make this cute little tree, it seemed like the perfect recipe to make you my best wishes for this Christmas. I'll wait for this year Santa Claus at my uncles with my whole family, but tomorrow I'll go by my in-laws to spend a day with them and then on the 26th, if this year can not get me the gastro intestinal flu, what unlikely, since the curse of St. Stephen gets me every anus, I would sit at home lounging with Ivano and Ely;) Girls I salute you and I'm going to fire my 2 cassate baked, I wish you to spend this holiday season in peace and harmony, a big kiss and read us later for the last wishes: *

Ingredients for 4 people:
1 kg of strawberries 1 roll with Nutella (
whipping cream

How to make the strawberry tree

the recipe here)

Prepare the roll with Nutella and put it in the freezer 1 hour

Wash the strawberries, pat dry and eliminated them the petiole

Tree of strawberries 2

Pull the roll from the freezer and cut it in a cone, then lay them on a plate.
Strung strawberries in toothpick and started to place larger strawberries on the basis

Tree strawberry 3

Continue inserting the so sfalzata strawberries and putting as the smallest strawberries over
Tree of strawberries 4

Finish by placing a strawberry on top and decorated with tufts of whipped cream

Tree strawberry 5

Keep the tree of strawberries in the fridge until ready to take it to the table.

Strawberry Tree 6

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