Apple pie

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Préparation: 40 min
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Total: 1 hour 20 min

Cooking process

Apple pie 1

The apple pie is the classic, traditional American apple pie, a cake that dates back to the times of the settlers, and that in the United States today is as much a cultural icon is commonly called American Pie. The Apple pie is a cake made of two layers of a kind of sweet pastry crust with the center a rich layer of apples flavored with spices and sugar, is a cake without eggs (egg the only one to utilize is to brush the top the upper crust which can easily be replaced with a little 'of brushed milk) easy to do and very meloso. The apple pie intrigued me since childhood, I love cakes with apples and when I read the little mouse and I saw Grandma Duck churning apple pies all the time I have always had the desire to go to America just to taste it and now that at last I decided to prepare I crowned my little dream girl 🙂 This apple pie is the first recipe of the year and it is with it that I offer you my best wishes for a new year really crackling! Kisses to all and happy 2012: *

Ingredients for one 24-cm mold:
300 g flour
40 grams of sugar
1 teaspoon salt
150 g butter
70 ml of water
Ingredients for the filling
1 kg of apples
120 grams of brown sugar
1 / 2limone 1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon cornstarch
20 g of butter
1 egg
2 tablespoons brown sugar

How to Make Apple Pie

to coat

Put in a bowl the flour and sugar with a pinch of salt and butter cut into pieces.

Apple pie 2

Begin to knead with fingertips until mixture is grainy. Now add the cold water and worked up to obtain with 'the dough a ball

Apple pie 3

Wrap the dough obtained with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Apple pie 4

Meanwhile, prepare the stuffing Apple Pie.
Wash, peel and cut the apples into wedges and place in a large bowl sprinkled with lemon juice.

Apple pie 5

Add the grated lemon peel, sugar, cinnamon and cornstarch.

Apple pie 6

Mix gently to flavor the apples

Apple pie 7

Now resume the dough and divide it into 2 parts, one slightly bigger than the other.
With the help of a rolling pin, roll out the dough on a pastry pou big thick floured about half a cm, Put the dough on a greased and floured cake pan

Apple pie 8

Cover the base with the filling of apples, placing it in a uniform manner; add some butter on the surface.

Apple pie 9

Roll out the other half of the dough and then place them on the cake to cover the filling of mele.Ritagliate the excess dough and seal the edges well with advanced dough scraps, you can also form small decorations or create a drawstring all around.

Apple pie 10

then brush the entire surface of the Apple pie with beaten egg or milk and practiced on the surface of the cake of the cuts in a radial pattern which will serve to release the steam during cooking.

Apple pie 11

Sprinkle the surface of the American pie with sugar, infirnate and cook the apple pie at 180 degrees for about 40 minutes or until the surface is golden.

Apple pie 12

Remove from the oven and serve warm or at room temperature

Apple pie 13

Cut into slices and serve

Apple pie 14

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