Vanilla cream

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Category Dessert
Cooking time: 30m
Person: 1 portion
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Vanilla cream

Vanilla cream perfect complement to many pastries. Due to its ease of preparation and pleasant aroma, this masterpiece of French cuisine come to taste sweet tooth all of Europe. Its smooth, thick, almost velvety texture leads to admiration and gives a feeling of joyful anticipation of a magnificent dessert!

Ingredients for vanilla cream:

egg yolk 5 items
Sugar Sand - 150 grams
Vanilla extract (liquid) 2 teaspoons
Potato starch 3 tablespoons (no slides)
Whole milk, pasteurized 500 milliliters


A deep bowl, bowls, saucers - 2 pcs, tablespoon, teaspoon, Measuring cup (for milk), Stove, Corolla, deep saucepan, Pan, Saucepan

Preparation of vanilla cream:

Step 1: whisk eggs with sugar.

Eggs in a bowl

First of all separate the egg whites from the yolks and shift the last in a deep bowl.
sugar and eggs

Squirrels use for the preparation of other equally tasty dishes and add sugar to yolks.
vanilla extract

There also pour the liquid vanilla extract.
Whisk eggs and sugar

Thoroughly whisk whisk products to partially dissolve the sugar grains.
beaten eggs

When texture mixed product will resemble the cream, put the bowl aside and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Prepare potato starch.

starch in a saucer

Cast in a little glass of cold milk, it would be enough for 50 milliliters, and add to it the potato starch.
starch milk glass

Mix a tablespoon of them until smooth without lumps.

Step 3: Prepare the milk.

milk on plate

Others pour the milk in a saucepan, put it on a medium heat and heat the up to 32 - 35 degrees Celsius. Milk should not be hot, and warm!

Step 4: Prepare a water bath.

water bath on the stove

At the same time prepare a water bath milk. Turn on the next burner on medium heat, put it deep pot half filled ordinary tap water, and top it set a smaller pot - will prepare the cream in it.

Step 5: Connect the milk and beaten egg yolks.

milk and beaten eggs

When the milk heats up, very carefully pour it into a bowl with beaten eggs, while stirring the liquid whisk until smooth.
milk and beaten eggs

We give this process 2 - 3 minutes.

Step 6: cook vanilla cream.

milk in a saucepan

Then pour the mixture into a small saucepan water bath.
warmed milk

We give the opportunity to warm up a little liquid.
starch milk

Thereafter adding thereto starch, dissolved in the milk.
cream in a saucepan

Cook until cream thickening, stirring constantly with a whisk, so that he did not stick to the sides of the saucepan.

When it becomes the consistency similar to butter and cream will flow from the corolla heavy flows, swap the pan from the water bath and allowed to cool on the counter cream to room temperature. Then we use it for other purposes.

Step 7: Post vanilla cream.

vanilla cream

Vanilla cream cooled after cooking. Basically it is used for layer cakes, pies, cakes and rolls. Sometimes they are filled with small cakes, cupcakes, eclairs, wafer rolls. It can also be supplied as a standalone dessert, spreading cream portions kremanki expanding each grated chocolate, chopped nuts, balls of ice cream, crushed biscuits or waffles. Any of these options will find its fan. Enjoy!
Bon Appetit!

Tips to the recipe:

- Instead of liquid vanilla extract can be used a couple of sachets of vanilla sugar.

- Sometimes in the cooled vanilla cream add heavy cream or sour cream. Then again whipped products to the air and use the finished cream as directed.

- Potato starch may be replaced with corn.

- Unpasteurized milk is better than before using the boil again and cool to the desired temperature.