Cherry jam

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Category Conserve
Préparation: 20 min
Cuisine: 40 min
Total: 1 hour + 2 hours of rest

Cooking process

Cherry jam 1

The cherry jam is one of preserves that I prefer, at my house all the love and is always the first to finish. Simply spread on toast for breakfast or adding a spoon in the yogurt to flavor or even filling for tarts, will give a special touch to your preparations. As with almost all the jams, achieve it at home is very easy, just find the boiled cherries and juicy so as to preserve in jars around the taste of summer. The amount of sugar to be used for cherry jam varies with the type of cherry used: it is a bit 'harsh you can add more sugar, my cherries were very sweet and I've used on a scant 400 g kg net of fruit. I leave you the recipe of the day and go to the kitchen, now I expect some new ingredients to use;)

Makes about 3 cups:
1.2 kg of cherries
400 grams of sugar
1 lemon (juice and zest)
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

How to make cherry jam

Wash the cherries, dry and Privatel the stem and core.
Then place them in a bowl along with sugar, juice and lemon peel, and cinnamon and let sit for a couple hours.

Cherry jam 2

Transfer everything into a saucepan and started to cook over medium heat.

Cherry jam 3

Stir occasionally with a slotted spoon and removing any foam formed on the surface.

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The cherry jam should cook about 40 minutes. If you prefer a smoother jam, towards the end frullatela cooking partially by a blender.

Cherry jam 5

When the texture seems the right one, you do saucer test to see if it is ready, pouring half a teaspoon of jam on a plate and tilting: must not pour faster, but tend to thicken.
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Once ready, pour the hot jam into sterilized jars previously, once you close the lid, flip the jars and let cool in this position to create vacuum.

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Once cooled, you can pastorizzarli and store them in the pantry.

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