Christmas markets in Europe

The first stalls have already been installed: open the Christmas markets and we are ready to drag our comrades on the hunt for cute gifts, folk, original and - hopefully -artigianali.

Silencing for a moment the cynical little devil whispering half of the products are made in China, the real problem which opens with the festive events, is the blatant hatred of men for this kind of pastime. December is the month where the males know that they open the valve of the complaint: it's all a hiss and inciting other men against the hours spent in the cold and frost, in the crowd, lost in the crowd, dragged by the hand by a salesman artistic chandeliers, made with recycled forks, to another that sculpts the Santa Claus reindeer in Canadian redwood. Apparently they rabboniscano only briefly if you put in one hand a glass of mulled wine, the other a sandwich with roast pork and promise to leave them in the contemplation of the wild boar salami, a must for every fair in Italy.

However, if you worship the Christmas villages in the Tyrolean style, pervasive decorations, the air saturated with cotton candy and cinnamon, a way to get them to come with you there.

Treat your companion a comprehensive guide to the most beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe, just published Morellini Publisher. Suggested both his brilliant idea to leave for a lovely weekend, the spirit of Santa Claus looking. It is always the old trick, reformulated according to this time of year and, like every stratagem tested for centuries, it works.

Christmas markets in Europe

Let them lead in South Tyrol the carved wood and a warm strauben; to Strasbourg, to sample the bredele, Advent biscuits Marché de l'Enfant Jésus; the market of St. Thomas Helsinki, where it seems they avvistino often elves at work; to Winter Wonderland Brussels, which is especially famous for the gastronomic products; to Vienna, that Christmas is all despite stalls are concentrated in the Town Hall Square; chasing Bohemian glasses Krakow or to warm your hands with a tredelnik cinnamon, in the magical Prague.

The Guide: Christmas Markets - The Complete Guide to markets throughout Europe, Morellini Publisher € 16.90 History, traditions, handicrafts and Christmas deli about 50 locations, with schedules and calendar of each Christmas market.