Christmas crackers

Chococcino cake (87 votes)  
Préparation: 5 minutes
personnes: About 30 damselfish
difficulté: low

Cooking process

Christmas crackers

They are softer classic damselfish and prepare the dough and fry I find it much easier and faster ...

How to make Christmas Castagnole

Ingredients (for about 30 crackers)

170 g flour
120 g cheese
15 g butter
70 grams of sugar
1 egg (Whole)
1 bit 'of milk
1 lemon (peel)
1/2 envelope of yeast (Cake)
1 bit 'of aromatic liqueur (Witch)
q.b vegetable oil (For frying)
for sugar garnish


    Sift and mix the flour with the yeast and sugar.
    Apart beat the 'egg well mounted, and then add the ricotta cheese, there grated lemon zest and the milk (The amount of the latter is very dependent on the consistency of the ricotta).
    Mix well.
    Add in the end butter melted and liquor (optional).
    Stir this mixture to the flour and mix well together.
    If the dough is consistent you can do the sausages and cut to obtain pellets, or with the help of two teaspoons formed the quenelles to throw in the oil directly.
    fry oil warm for about 5 minutes or until quado will be golden.
    Once a cold sprinkle with icing sugar.....if you want!

Author's tips


The dough is mixed easily with a wooden spoon and is very soft due to the ricotta.