Scallops Chicken with Mushrooms

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Préparation: 15 minutes
personnes: 4 people
difficulté: low

Cooking process

Scallops Chicken with Mushrooms

The chicken escalope with mushrooms I have a second quick and easy dish to prepare a good and tasty dinner for the whole family. The simple and delicate flavors of chicken and mushrooms mushrooms natural fit together in harmony to create a delicious dish.

If you also every night you find yourself having to fight with your mind to think about what to cook in a short time without bringing to the table the same things, make a note of this simple recipe, which certainly everyone will find delicious.

Clearly as it is described to prepare this recipe the scallops with mushrooms, you can vary it by using different fungi, also frozen ones you like and that are closest to your needs. A dish highly prized, from autumn flavor and very particular are definitely the scallops with porcini mushrooms. If sometimes carry a plate by real gourmet besides choosing mushrooms, surely the most valuable, but also with a stronger taste, your scallops served with a reduction of balsamic vinegar and you'll see that look great!

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How to make chicken escalope with mushrooms

Chicken escalope with mushrooms are a second simple dish, delicate taste, suitable for the whole family.

Ingredients for 4 people)

600 grams of chicken (chest)
300 grams of mushrooms (natural)
80 g butter
q.s. made with flour
1 bunch of parsley
q.s. of salt


    To prepare the chicken escalope with mushrooms started to prepare the chicken breast slices, beating them if they are too thick, put the flour in a bowl and flour the slices of meat on both sides, shaking the excess.
    Scallops Chicken with Mushrooms
    Heat the butter in a pan, causing him to dissolve, without burning it, and add the breaded chicken slices, making it cook a few minutes per side, browning foods.
    Scallops Chicken with Mushrooms
    When they are golden, add the drained mushrooms, season with salt and let seasoned everything together.
    Scallops Chicken with Mushrooms
    Once cooked, add the chopped fresh parsley.
    Scallops Chicken with Mushrooms
    Your chicken escalope with mushrooms are ready, serve hot.
    Scallops Chicken with Mushrooms