Cheesecake Stracciatella

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personnes: 8-10 people
difficulté: low

Cooking process

Cheesecake Stracciatella

There cheesecake stracciatella It is a cold cake without baking prepared with a biscuit base and a rich cream cheese, made with ricotta cheese, cream and mascarpone cheese, enriched with dark chocolate and milk chocolate chips. This cake is a great way to recycle your Easter eggs in excess or chocolate found in the pantry, before the arrival of the heat, which could damage it.

The cheesecake stracciatella is a cool dessert that everyone loves, the mild and delicate flavor of the cheese meets the chocolate scegliette harmoniously. A great way to make a cake, even in summer, no need to turn on the oven, with very little preparation time.

The cheesecake stracciatella is one of the delicious cheesecake variations perhaps one of the easiest to prepare. Its taste delicious and crisp will enchant all. This cake does not require cooking, the gelatin act as thickening cream, linking it to perfection.

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How to make cheesecake stracciatella

The cheesecake stracciatella is a cold cheese cake with chocolate chips, ideal for chocolate riciclar in pantry.

Ingredients (for 8-10 persons)

For the Crust:

250 grams of biscuits (Type digestive)
120 g butter (melted)
50 grams of Nutella (White)

For the cream cheese:

250g mascarpone
250 g cheese
200 ml of whipping cream
50 grams of powdered sugar
100 grams of chocolate (Dark and milk)
3 sheets of gelatin

To Decorate:

q.s. of chocolate (Flakes)

Tools used

Molds for 22 cm diameter


    prepare the cheesecake stracciatella start to break up the gathering them biscuits in a mixer, then shake it up to pulverize completely. Transfer the biscuits to a powder in a bowl. In a saucepan melt the butter, then add it to the biscuits.
    Cheesecake Stracciatella
    Stir the mixture well with a wooden spoon and add the white Nutella, then mix again. Pour the preparation of biscuits in a 22-cm diameter mold lined with greaseproof paper, distribute it across the base and pressed with the back of a spoon to compact. Put the base of the cake in frigoifero for half an hour to harden.
    Cheesecake Stracciatella
    Meanwhile devote to the preparation of the cream cheese. Put a little 'cream (taken from the total) in a small pan, heat it and turn off the heat. Then let dissolve the gelatin sheets which have previously held to soak in cold water for about ten minutes. And then cool the mixture.
    Cheesecake Stracciatella
    Whip the remaining cream with the beaters of an electric or a planetary mixer, and keep it aside.
    Cheesecake Stracciatella
    In the same bowl brought together the ricotta, mascarpone and icing sugar and processed all together, to obtain a cream. Now add the cream in which you have dissolved the gelatin and mix well.
    Cheesecake Stracciatella
    Add the cream cheese also the whipped cream and mix delicately. Finally also add the coarsely chopped chocolate and mix well together.
    Cheesecake Stracciatella
    Pour the cream obtained over the biscuit base and put the cake in the refrigerator for at least 5-6 hours, to make it curdle well. After this time, remove it from the fridge, sformatela and decorate with chocolate flakes or other drops.
    Cheesecake Stracciatella
    Your cheesecake stracciatella is ready to be served!
    Cheesecake Stracciatella
    Cheesecake Stracciatella
    Cheesecake Stracciatella
    Cheesecake Stracciatella

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In preparation time it is not counted the cooling time of the base and of the cake.