Angel cake

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Préparation: 40 minutes
personnes: 10 people
difficulté: Average

Cooking process

Angel cake

THE'Angel cake, Also known as Angel Food Cake, literally cake of angels It is a cake of American origin, spongy, light and white. This cake has the peculiarity of not contain fats of any kind, which makes it particularly suitable as also sweet in the diets. To donate this semi spongy texture and soft are the whites, which are the main ingredient of this cake. What's more this cake, using as the leavening agent cream of tartar, it is also suitable for those who are intolerant to chemical yeast. To flavor the cake using the 'vanilla essence or grated rind of a lemon, or for a more intense flavor aroma of almonds.

The angel cake is prepared in a specific mold for Angel Food is chiffon cake (Which must not be greased). It is a mold to very high donut (at least 10 cm) that has a removable base and legs that allow the sweet being cooled upside down. If you have not used this particular mold a ring mold, possibly very high, and when you have to let the cake cool place it upside down resting on the neck of a bottle.

To prepare the cake angel used the whites egg at room temperature, if you have eggs in the refrigerator remove them at least 2-3 hours before using them to bring them back to the right temperature. Some recipes reported in indications a sort of pre-cooking of egg whites, through which you bring to the right temperature, but if you use the eggs at room temperature and a planetary (or a whisk) to mount them well, I assure you that your angel cake will be perfect .

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How to make the angel cake - angel food cake

The angel cake (angel food cake), or cake of Angels, is a spongy cake of American origin, made with just egg whites.

Ingredients (for 10 persons)

530 grams of egg whites (About 10)
340 grams of sugar (Granulated)
200 grams of flour 00
8 grams of cream of tartar
3 grams of salt
1 teaspoon vanilla essence (Or vanilla extract)
1 ml of almond flavoring

To Dust:

q.s. icing sugar

Tools used

Molds Chiffon Cake
Planetary mixer or


    To prepare 'Angel cake Put the egg whites in the bowl of a mixer and knead well until they become not a pretty stiff (at least 10 minutes). Add the vanilla extract, cream of tartar and the aroma of almonds and still working.
    Angel cake
    Add sugar by spoonfuls continuing to work, until it has been absorbed everything.
    Angel cake
    Angel cake
    At this point add the flour with the salt and stir gently mixing from the bottom up not to remove the egg whites, until you will have incorporated the whole. Gently transfer the mixture into the mold for chiffon cake without imburrarlo, level the surface and bake the cake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 40 minutes.
    Angel cake
    Check the area with a toothpick, wait 5 more minutes in the oven off, then remove the cake from the oven. Put the cake to cool upside already on the correct feet (or as explained in the description). When it is completely cool slide a spatula (or the blade of a knife) along the edge of the mold, and peel it off, the base will remain attached. Repeat the same operation to detach the base and place the cake on a plate, flipping it upside down.
    Angel cake
    YourAngel cake it is pRonta, sprinkle with plenty of icing sugar and serve!
    Angel cake
    Angel cake
    Angel cake
    Angel cake