Bari-style focaccia bread

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Préparation: 25 minutes
personnes: 4 people
difficulté: low

Cooking process

Bari-style focaccia bread

There Bari-style focaccia bread or Puglia is a very simple traditional flat bread, which is prepared with a dough made of flour, water, yeast and oil, strictly extra virgin olive oil of the best Apulian tradition. It 'a soft and moist cake, also thanks to the presence of boiled potato inside the mixture, slightly CROCCANTINA around. Good hot or cold.

The true recipe for Focaccia Barese, the original and authentic, has a moist and soft dough, and is stuffed with tomatoes (no tomato sauce), black olives (not green), which are arranged in the entire area to make the cake more " beautiful ", extra virgin olive oil and dried oregano that from a very Mediterranean touch spicy.

The Barese focaccia, for its softness and its taste, but not too spicy, reminiscent of a little 'to a pizza, like so much to children. If you want to offer it to the smallest do not forget to pay attention to the olives, if you decide to use them whole (it acquires the appearance of the cake). But let the point and we see how to make focaccia Bari, a preparation as simple and traditional as it is innovative and current.

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How do Barese focaccia

The Barese focaccia is a tasty and fluffy focaccia, typical of Puglia with a soft dough and stuffed with tomatoes, olives and extra virgin olive oil.

Ingredients for 4 people)

For Focaccia:

160 g flour (Semolina)
160 grams of flour 0
200 grams of water
1 potato (Read)
40 ml of olive oil (Extra virgin)
1/2 cube of yeast (fresh)
8 grams of salt

For the Filling:

10 cherry tomatoes (Mature)
100 grams of black olives (Gaeta)
q.s. of olive oil (Extra virgin)
q.s. oregano
q.s. of salt

Tools used

Baking dish 38cm diam.


    To prepare the focaccia Bari or Puglia Put in a bowl the flours and salt.
    Bari-style focaccia bread
    Add potato ricer passed and oil.
    Bari-style focaccia bread
    Begin to knead together and flush the water in which you have dissolved the yeast, and as you continue to work.
    Bari-style focaccia bread
    Put your dough (which remains rather sticky) in a glass bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let rise until doubled, it will take about two hours.
    Bari-style focaccia bread
    Bari-style focaccia bread
    Grease a baking pan with plenty of oil, trasferiteci the dough and spread it with your hands, even surface anointing him with oil in the pan.
    Bari-style focaccia bread
    Now put the cake back to rise for about 1 hour.
    After this time wash the tomatoes, cut them in half and crush a bit 'with her hands to hunt the juice, causing him to fall on the surface of the cake. Do this with all the tomatoes, putting even the tomatoes on focaccia.
    Bari-style focaccia bread
    Add olives, arranging them between the tomatoes.
    Bari-style focaccia bread
    Add a pinch of salt and a sprinkling of oregano.
    Bari-style focaccia bread
    Bake the cake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.
    Bari-style focaccia bread
    Your focaccia Bari is ready, sfornatela and allow to cool.
    Bari-style focaccia bread

In this recipe it was used Semolina flour de The Magic Flours - The Count.

Author's tips

Marianna Pascarella

The Barese focaccia is great either hot or cold.