Homemade bread

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Préparation: 50 minutes
personnes: 3-4 personne
difficulté: low

Cooking process

Homemade bread

The homemade bread It is one of the main foods of the Mediterranean diet, basically just food prepared with water and flour, a source of energy and carbohydrates that is usually served at the table to accompany the most diverse dishes (from "pottage"), usually main courses, appetizers and side dishes, perfect for carry sandwiches, to serve also as a snack for hungry children who return after a day of sport.

The homemade bread is a food that requires time and patience because of the rising times. In fact the dough with which it is prepared requires respect of "technical" times related to a slow rising and a subsequent baking. The bread was traditionally baked in wood oven, which it thickens the outer crust, becoming crisp and crumbly, remaining at the same wet weather and soft inside. Today it is hard to find who prepares it as they did again in wood ovens and proliferate instead of recipes that involve cooking in electric Fornio much more widespread and common.

The home-made bread can be prepared with the traditional white flour, generally is halved a weak flour and a strong flour, or with special flour, whole or whole seeds or flour from other grains. In our country the bread is an essential food and those who love to prepare it at home will find itself flooded with smells good homemade and may still get excited before a loaf of bread that grows and cooks creating a healthy food, pure and simple, as few they can be.

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How to make homemade bread

The homemade bread is a simple and genuine food, reminiscent of those ancient and wise preparations of our grandmothers, who carefully and with love pazientavano the leavening of the dough hidden between the warm blankets.

Ingredients (for 3-4 persons)

500 grams of flour 0
250 ml of water
20 g of yeast (fresh)
15 g salt
1 teaspoon barley malt (Or sugar)


    To prepare homemade bread started to dissolve the yeast in the water crumbled beer.
    Homemade bread
    Then put the flour in a bowl, add salt and malted barley, stir a bit 'dry ingredients and add little by little the water. Knead the dough vigorously by hand or using a planetary mixer, until you stringers, on the hook, making it so smooth and elastic. At this point, transfer it on a board and molded a smooth dough, pirlandolo to obtain a "ball".
    Homemade bread
    then placed the dough in a large bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let rise in a sheltered place (will do the oven with the light on) for 3-4 hours, or until doubled. When the dough is leavened deflate, modellatelo doing folds inward and put it in a basket on a sheet of parchment paper, with the closing down. Let the dough rise again until doubled (it will take about 2 hours).
    Homemade bread
    At this point the dough transferred (with all the wax paper) on a baking sheet and engrave with a knife blade smooth along the entire surface.
    Homemade bread
    Bake the bread in a preheated oven (even better if it ventilated) to 250 ° (or at maximum power). After the first 15-20 minutes lower the temperature to 180 degrees and continue cooking for another 30 minutes. Let brown bread well, then sfornatelo and let it cool.
    Homemade bread
    Your homemade bread is ready to be served.
    Homemade bread
    Homemade bread
    Homemade bread

Author's tips

Marianna Pascarella

To get a bread with a crunchy crust you'll have to cook it well and let dry. Otherwise you will get a bread that becomes soft.

To make the dough softer and elastic bread you can add 20 grams of extra virgin olive oil.