Clubhouse Sandwich

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Cooking process

Clubhouse Sandwich

The Clubhouse Sandwich (or Club Sandwich, from Club House Sandwich) Is a rich sandwich of Anglo-Saxon origin, internationally recognized. It is a sandwich prepared with more layers of bread (bread for sandwiches) where the filling is usually accomplished with chicken or turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese and mayonnaise or mustard sauce. The variants to the classic version of the sandwich are numerous, no questionable, however good to emphasize the variety of tastes that you have in the world.

The origins of the clubhouse sandwich, as mentioned belonging to the Anglo-Saxon world, seem to date back to a famous club in New York gambling, the Saratoga Club House Saratoga Springs. Here it seems that the chef Danny Mears who proposed to the busy men in the game who visited the venue. The sandwich mulistrato collected immediately a huge success, ranking as one of the internationally famous sandwiches, still recognized today.

The clubhouse sandwich is the ideal sandwich to be enjoyed in many occasions, from a break at the dinner, at home or at a picnic outdoors. Its rich taste but simple, thanks to the use of natural ingredients, makes it particularly suitable for the whole family. If you will have to offer it to children, you can realize a smaller version, with a single layer, to make it more easy to handle.

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How do the clubhouse sandwich

The clubhouse is a multilayer sandwich of Anglo-Saxon origin sandwich made with chicken or turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and cheese.

Ingredients (for 4 sandwiches)

6 slices of bread for sandwiches (Square, without rind)
400 grams of chicken (Or turkey)
250 gr of bacon
a few leaves of salad (Lettuce or curly)
2 tomatoes (Round, ripe)
4 cheddar cheese slices (Or lerdammer)
q.s. mayonnaise (Or mustard)


    To prepare clubhouse sandwich started to toast the slices of bread, you can place them on a baking sheet and bake a few minutes under the grill, extracting them before they darken and harden.
    Clubhouse Sandwich
    Meanwhile started to grill the slices of bacon and the chicken (or turkey), favorite of the very thin slices.
    Clubhouse Sandwich
    Wash the salad, cutting at every leaf that will use the hard central core, then also wash the tomatoes and slice.
    Clubhouse Sandwich
    When all the ingredients are ready, you can go to the assembly of sandwich, arranged on four slices of bread a thin layer of mayonnaise (maybe mustard), a lettuce leaf, a few slices of tomato and half of grilled chicken.
    Clubhouse Sandwich
    Continue with bacon and cheese. At this stacked the sandwich, obtaining two doubles and cover with two slices of toast (you can also smear the inside of these with mayonnaise).
    Clubhouse Sandwich
    Strung long toothpicks in sandwiches and cut them in half.
    Clubhouse Sandwich
    Your clubhouse sandwich is ready, you can serve immediately or keep them closed in the film for refrigerated foods.
    Clubhouse Sandwich
    Clubhouse Sandwich

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