Chicken Rolls

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Préparation: 5 minutes
personnes: 4 people
difficulté: low

Cooking process

Chicken Rolls

THE chicken rolls are delicious tortillas rolled, stuffed with mixed salad, usually made up of lettuce, tomatoes and carrots, topped with a delicate sauce with yogurt, replaceable with mayonnaise and mustard depending on your tastes, and strips of grilled chicken.

The chicken rolls are one of the most popular American finger food in Italy, perhaps thanks to their taste altogether simple, with flavors and aromas that most recall the Mediterranean tastes. They lend themselves to many variations, easily meeting the favor of everyone, especially the kids.

The chicken rolls can be served as an appetizer, since you can cut the rolls into slices, or as finger food dinner. Are indeed very fast and versatile to be prepared at the last minute, you have unexpected guests or want to surprise your friends with some unusual, but that surely will like!

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How to make chicken rolls

The chicken rolls are the tasty snacks in perfect American style, excellent as an appetizer or as a snack.

Ingredients for 4 people)

4 tortillas
300 grams of chicken breast
a few leaves of salad (iceberg)
3 carrots
3 tomatoes (Red, round)
250 grams of yogurt (Natural white)
q.s. of salt
q.s. of pepper


    To prepare chicken rolls started to grill the chicken breast slices, preferably on a very hot cast iron plate, so as to realize also the characteristic "lines." Turn the chicken over halfway through cooking, cook it well, but do not dry out. Then season the chicken slices with salt and pepper and cut into strips.
    Chicken Rolls
    Chicken Rolls
    When the chicken is ready to offer you: Salad preparation. Wash the lettuce leaves and set them aside to drain them. Wash tomatoes and cut into slices. Check the carrots, peel and cut into julienne strips. Brought together the lettuce and carrots and season with half the yogurt (or you can use a dressing to taste).
    Chicken Rolls
    Heated back the plate and cook tortillas, 30 seconds per side will suffice.
    Chicken Rolls
    Coated each piadina with remaining yogurt, then fill them with the prepared salad, tomato slices and chicken strips.
    Chicken Rolls
    Close each piadina forming a roll and fasten one end with silver paper, this will help you keep the piadina closed and to maintain it best to eat it.
    Chicken Rolls
    Your chicken rolls are ready!
    Chicken Rolls
    Chicken Rolls