Chococcino cake (67 votes)  
Préparation: 40 minutes
personnes: 1 stick
difficulté: low

Cooking process


The bread It is a classic soft bread, brioche type but not sweet, which is commonly sold in bags (like the trunk pan Mulino Bianco). It 'a bread which often especially when children are present it does a consumer. prepared with simple ingredients It is great both natural stuffed.

The trunk pan is a bread that has the feature compact design, soft as to make unique and inimitable, do it at home is really simple truth and more than satisfying result! This soft bread smeared with Nutella or jam is great both for breakfast and for a snack, but also stuffed with cheese and cold cuts you can prepare excellent sandwiches.

The trunk pan prepared with this recipe will keep several days in a closed envelope for food, removing all the air it is pure and simple, and definitely does not hurt. With this bread will have a relish that will surprise your guests and leave you enchanted young and old!

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How to make pan trunk

The trunk pan is a soft bread with its compact shape, used to accompany meats, seconds, or be spread to jam or Nutella for breakfast.

Ingredients (for 1 stick)

500 grams of flour Manitoba
125 ml of milk
125 ml of water
50 g of seed oil
1 teaspoon barley malt (Or honey)
8 grams of salt
20 g of yeast (fresh)

To Brush:

q.s. of milk

Tools used

Planetary mixer or
Mold for plum cake


    To prepare bread brought together in a bowl the flour Manitoba and barley malt, which if you have not you can replace it with honey.
    Slightly heated the milk and dissolve the yeast (if you use the dehydrated add it directly to the flour) and salt dissolve in water. Add both the milk and the water to the flour.
    Now also add the oil and work with a mixer until you get a soft dough.
    Then put it in a bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let rise in a sheltered place for about 4 hours or until doubled.
    Take back the dough and deflate it, roll it out with a rolling pin into a rectangular sheet that you are going to wrap around itself. Then arrange the sausage got into a mold for plum butter.
    Let the bread rise until it reaches the edge of the mold, then brush it with milk and bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees for about 40 minutes. When baked even brush it with milk and let it cool completely covered with a cloth. In this way it cools the bread retains moisture and zest will remain soft.
    Your pan top box is ready to be tasted!

In this recipe it was used Manitoba flour to savory  The Magic Flours Lo Conte