Arepas with Saffron

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Préparation: 30 minutes
personnes: 6-7 arepas
difficulté: low

Cooking process

Arepas with Saffron

You have already tried my recipe of Arepas and now I want to try a variant, perhaps even more tasty? You have already prepared all the ingredients for the basic preparation of arepas and looking for some ideas to change the traditional recipe.

You have already lost heart? Do not worry, I have the recipe for you: read more how to make Arepas saffron, and I would see that they are simple to make as much as the traditional arepas. Those that I propose are good cornmeal muffins that are decorated in the color and flavor of a spice known and much appreciated: the saffron!

After you've read and experienced how to make Arepas saffron you will realize that when you have to prepare a lunch or dinner, you can always choose something special like pottage! Not only that, the arepas are also ideal to be savored stuffed with the ingredients that you like, then you might as well use them in place of stuffed sandwiches and serve.

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How to make arepas with saffron

Delicious muffins made with corn meal, to be served as an appetizer or as a substitute for bread.

Ingredients (for 6-7 arepas)

260 grams of corn flour
200 grams of water
40 g of olive oil (Extra virgin)
1 sachet of saffron
5 g salt

Tools used

baking sheet


    To prepare the arepas saffron together in a bowl the water and the oil.
    Arepas with Saffron
    Add the cornmeal, salt and saffron.
    Arepas with Saffron
    Work all the ingredients to get a compact, soft dough.
    Arepas with Saffron
    Divide the dough into 6-7 balls and mash them with your hands to form the scones.
    Arepas with Saffron
    Blanch muffins in a plate (or a pan) heated on both sides, until they are colored.
    Arepas with Saffron
    Arrange all the scones on a plate and bake in preheated oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes.
    Arepas with Saffron
    Remove from the oven and serve your arepas alone or stuffed!
    Arepas with Saffron

In this recipe were used the Saffron and the Flour for ArepasLo Conte.