Salting of cabbage for the winter

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Salting of cabbage for the winter

Salting of cabbage for the winter - it is a tradition in our family. Indeed, in the beauty of white, harvested so that all the vitamins are stored, and she is very crispy and delicious. And all winter and then we cook it salads, cook soup and add side dishes, and knead the bread just so. Salt cabbage - it is very tasty and healthy, but it is very important to prepare it properly.

Ingredients for pickling cabbage for the winter:

White cabbage 10 kilograms of
Carrot 700-800 grams
Salt 200-250 grams
Granulated sugar 50 grams (can be less)


Large container (pan, drum, etc.), tolkushkoy, soup plate, flat plate, a knife for chopping vegetables, the knife for cleaning vegetables, three-liter jar, wooden stick, clean jars with lids, grater.

Preparation of salting cabbage for the winter:

Step 1: Prepare the vegetables.

Salting of cabbage for the winter

Cabbage clean faded from the upper leaves, split into quarters, remove the stalk sure that it did not allow bitterness. With a special knife chop the cabbage into very thin strips.
Carrots wash, remove it with sandpaper and rinsing after readings again, rub it on a medium grater or grater for carrots in Korean.
Salting of cabbage for the winter

Put the cabbage in a deep bowl, add salt and remember its tolkushkoy and hands to highlight the juice. Add salt to taste better, to get a little saltier than necessary. Add a little sugar. At the end, add the grated carrots (to knead it with the cabbage is not necessary) and mix everything.

Step 2: salted cabbage.

Salting of cabbage for the winter

At the bottom of the container in which you'll pickle cabbage, put more clean cabbage leaves, then put the prepared vegetables, on top of their cover as cabbage leaves, put a flat dish, cabbage push hands and hoisted the three-liter jar filled with water as the press. Leave to ferment at 3-4 days.
Salting of cabbage for the winter

But you can not leave your cabbage just like that, all this time in the morning, afternoon and evening, and it is possible and more often, you will need to release it from the gas. This will have to shoot a press, remove the cabbage leaves and poke the contents of the tub or bucket with a wooden stick to the bottom. You will feel the characteristic smell is not pleasant, but quite tolerable.

Step 3: decompose the cabbage to the banks.

Salting of cabbage for the winter

At the end of 3 or 4 days as you feel that the cabbage is ready, pierce it to the floor for the last time, and then transfer to a clean glass jars, pour juice formed and close the lids. Remove salt cabbage in a cold place, it will stop the fermentation process, and store it for the winter.

Step 4: Post pickled cabbage in winter.

Salting of cabbage for the winter

Pickled cabbage for the winter - it's just a storehouse of vitamins and very tasty snack. From it you can prepare salads, delicious side dishes and cook awesome soup. Of course, in an urban environment is unlikely to get much pickle once, but be sure to get a place in the refrigerator for at least one three-liter jar, and you will never regret that you have on hand will be crispy cabbage in winter.
Bon Appetit!

Tips to the recipe:

- To taste and aroma can be salted cabbage with cranberries, cranberry, Antonovka, fennel seeds, cumin, mustard, horseradish. Also added to it not only carrots and beets, and sweet pepper.

- To cabbage long remained crispy, always rammed it in the bank, after take part. Vegetables should always be kept in brine.