Orange marmalade

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Cooking time: 4h
Person: 5 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Orange marmalade

I once stayed at a party with an overnight stay with friends, honeymooners. In the morning, before leaving the hospitable house, we sat down for breakfast. Breakfast turned out exclusively in English: strong, aromatic, black tea, roasted bacon and fried egg, hot crunchy toasts, and lo, orange marmalade! Nothing tastes better, I have not tried since childhood, and to be absolutely honest and accurate, it is not I ever tasted. This jam - amber-colored, fragrant oranges and lemons at the same time, in the winter morning dunked me in the summer. As if the sun itself gave us his delicacy of his storeroom winter stores and bars. Being herself a lover "pokulinarit" I asked the recipe from her friend. It is quite simple - write.

Ingredients for preparation of orange marmalade:

oranges 1 kg.
lemons 2 pcs.
Cinnamon 10 gr. (One stick)
Sugar 1 kg.
The water is clean 1 l.
citric acid 10 gr.


    wooden Paddles
    Capacity for cooking jam

    Preparation of orange jam:

    Step 1: Cutting oranges and cooking syrup.

    cleanse and grind apelchiny
    To begin with, that will wash thoroughly oranges and lemons. Then cleanse peeler orange peel. Next, cut the fruit for 6-8 pieces and transfer to a container for cooking jam. Leave the fruit to let the juice, pre-all heaped sugar. This procedure usually takes 2-3 hours. In this time interval oranges allocate the maximum amount of juice. That is why the orange fruit is required to cut and not to divide into segments. Being cut the fruit rather allocate the maximum amount of juice.
    prepare lemon juice
    While infused oranges and juice isolated, we, through a juicer, make lemon juice. After the orange juice will give, volёm in capacity to and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

    Step 2: Preparation of the peel.

    orange peel
    The previously prepared pan boil the lemon zest in the water, the volume should not exceed 1 liter. Cook until cooked peel, ie until it becomes soft. Then we filter the resulting broth and pour into a container with the previously soaked oranges and lemon juice.

    Step 3: Preparation of jam and preparations for the winter.

    shred the contents carefully
    The most awaited and exciting moment - preparation of orange marmalade. The capacity of all the previously prepared ingredients set on a small, low heat. Add the cinnamon and cook the whole mass of a jam, is from the old volume will not remain half. On the whole cooking process will leave a half hours or more. It all depends on the fire that you make. When it reaches the desired consistency and volume of jam, we remove capacity from fire, give cool, and, with the help of a blender grind the fruit orange. This procedure can be done manually, but it takes you a lot of time and effort, so it is better to trust in the blender. Another nuance. After we crushed oranges need to get the cinnamon and add the zest of two oranges melkoizmelchёnnuyu. After that, we put the container on fire and some time even cook. Next, we remove the jam off the heat, give cool, and shifts in the glass, pre prostirilizovannye jars with a twist.

    Step 4: Serve orange marmalade.

    apelchinovy ​​jam
    The use of orange jam widely, if not to say that the limitless: from elementary sandwich for breakfast with bread or toast to the complex and at the same time mouth-watering cakes, pastries and a variety of pastries. All this is due to the fact that the resulting jam quite thick. Enjoy long winter evenings of summer sunny nectar. Bon Appetit!

    Tips to the recipe:

    - - If you do not blank on one winter, it is recommended to add citric acid jam. One teaspoon of "pineapples" will help your product stand out orange quietly than one winter, and it is absolutely harmless to the stomach.

    - - For the cooking of orange jam, exactly as it is for other jams and preserves, you can use the capacity of non-ferrous metals (copper, bronze, brass) or pan with a thick stainless steel bottom. The remaining capacity and pans with a thin base will provide 100% stick, even with frequent stirring.

    - - For the blanks for the winter is better to use glass, small to 0.5 liters. jars with a twist. Firstly, it will provide a variety of on your desk. Secondly, when seaming exclude the possibility of swelling and deterioration of cooking. And third, long-term storage caps to twist less intimidating oxidation and rust than conventional covers for blanks.