Cucumbers with cinnamon on winter

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Cooking process

Cucumbers with cinnamon on winter

Canned cucumbers - this is a favorite winter treat many of our compatriots. They can be and so simple, and with a piece of bread, and a salad to start up. It is no wonder that there is such a huge number of ways to harvesting of these vegetables. But if you want to try something original? Then necessarily zagotovte cucumbers with cinnamon on winter. Their taste and aroma definitely will not leave anyone indifferent.

Ingredients for cucumber with cinnamon in the winter:

Fresh cucumbers (medium size) 2 kg
Salt 3 tablespoons
cherry leaves 6 items
Leaves of black currant 6 items
Vinegar 9% 3 tablespoons
Umbrella dill 1 pieces on each bank
Water 1.2 liters
Garlic 2-3 cloves on the bank
bay leaf 1 piece
Black pepper peas taste
Cinnamon 1 stick in the bank
carnation 2-3 bud 1 jar


Saucepan, glass jars with lids, a kitchen knife, cutting board, bowl, ladle.

Preparation of cucumbers with cinnamon in the winter:

Step 1: Prepare the cucumbers.

Cucumbers with cinnamon on winter

Before you begin, how to wash the cucumbers under running warm water to remove all adhering to even peel pollution. Then add all the vegetables into a bowl, cover with clean, cold water and leave for 3-4 hours.
After the soak cucumbers, water should be drained, and have cut off the tips of vegetables - ass.

Step 2: Harvest cucumbers with cinnamon in the winter.

Cucumbers with cinnamon on winter

Prepare jars of small volume, rinsing them with baking soda and thoroughly rinsed, and then sterilized.
At the bottom of a dry sterile jars lay all the spices, leaving aside only dill umbrellas. Top very close to each other lay the prepared cucumbers, first stack them vertically, and then place horizontally vegetables will more. Under the same neck of the cans, lay on top of the cucumber dill umbrellas.
In a saucepan, boil the right amount of water, dissolve the salt in it.
Pour boiling brine spread out along the banks of the cucumbers. Cover (for convenience, you can use a nylon cap holes) and leave so on 10 minutes.
After these 10 minutes, drain the cans of brine, boil again and pour it again, leaving another 10 minutes. Repeat this process two more times.
Cucumbers with cinnamon on winter

The last time, boiling brine, in the end, when you have already remove pan from the heat, pour the vinegar into it, and only then pour into banks with cucumbers. Tightly wrap (or roll up) and put the lid immediately to cool down.
Store cucumbers cinnamon need as well as other workpiece, ie in a dark and cool place or at room temperature, away from all of the heating devices (battery plates, etc.).

Step 3: Serve cucumber with cinnamon.

Cucumbers with cinnamon on winter

Cucumbers with cinnamon served as a cold appetizer for the holiday or everyday table. The preform has an interesting taste and flavor, and also cucumbers, as they should, are obtained crispy and juicy. And what a pickle! It's amazing how well combined cinnamon with cucumber! Be sure to try.
Bon Appetit!

Tips to the recipe:

- Many housewives prefer to use apple cider vinegar because it is much softer.

- Delicious just get a small dense cucumbers, but marinate overripe vegetables are not worth it.

- Preparations for a long time after the discovery of better not to store, so it is always salted / marinate vegetables in small jars, to open and immediately eaten.