Cherry jam with seeds

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Cooking time: 2d
Person: 3
Complexity: Average

Cooking process

Cherry jam with seeds

Cherry jam with seeds - delicious winter dessert. The berries are harvested thus obtained sweet and thick syrup. Of course, as a filling or impregnating a jam will not work, but the tea is simply delicious. Be sure to cook cherry jam with seeds, to save a piece of summer.

Ingredients for cherry jam with seeds:

Cherries with pits 3 kg
Sugar 3 kg
Water 500 milliliters


Pan, ladle, glass jars with lids, wide funnel.

Preparation of cherry jam with seeds:

Step 1: Prepare the cherry.

Cherry jam with seeds

Go through cherry blossoms, remove all of the common pile of ugly and spoiled berries, as well as leaves, twigs and other plant debris. Wash the cherries selected and wait for them to drain excess moisture.

Step 2: Boil cherry jam with seeds.

Cherry jam with seeds

In a saucepan, cook the syrup, mixing 500 milliliters water and 2-2.5 kilograms Sahara. Boil all within 1 minute, and then pour this water with sugar to make jams selected cherries. Leave the berries in syrup on 12 hours.
Cherry jam with seeds

After infusion of berries, move the pot with them on a medium heat, add the remaining amount of sugar, stir and boil all together. Let the future jam simmer for 5 minutes simmered. Then cherry will need to again allow to cool and to stand 12 hours. Once again the same procedure is still boiling and cooling 1 time. Do not forget to remove the foam formed, ready to jam is not candy.
After you double-boil jam and twice as cool it for 12 hours, cherries in syrup have to be put on fire and bring to a boil again in the third and final time. But now no need to boil for 5, and 10 minutes, then cherry jam with seeds will be ready and you can move on to the next step.

Step 3: harvests cherry jam with seeds.

Cherry jam with seeds

Hot cherry jam pour into sterilized jars prepared a small (up to 250-500 milliliters) of volume. Close all covers, turn upside down and leave until cool way.
The cooled cherry jam with seeds can be harvested in a cool dark place to the other blanks.

Step 4: Post cherry jam with seeds.

Cherry jam with seeds

Cherry jam with seeds like more adults as for children's bones are a huge problem, moreover, they can choke on them. But I also like to choose berries and eat them with tea. Very tasty and sweet, be sure to try.
Bon Appetit!

Tips to the recipe:

- If the jam turned out too thin, do not worry, just try to banks putting more berries than syrup. The remaining syrup is zagotovte separately and then use for desserts.

- Before you pour the finished jam on the banks, they need to be properly sterilized, or long workpiece stored will not.