Milk shake with banana and avocado

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Cooking time: 10m
Person: 1 portion
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Cooking process

Milk shake with banana and avocado

Gentle milk drink with an interesting taste of banana and avocado surprise you. And when you consider that the avocado is a very useful product, which contains large amounts of minerals and vitamins B, E, PP and others, it can be safely cook for people who lead a healthy lifestyle. This cocktail will be enjoyed by all without exception. So, prepare milkshake with banana and avocado.

Ingredients for the preparation of a milkshake with banana and avocado:

Banana ripe 1 piece
Avocado 1/2 pieces
Milk 160 milliliters


    Cutting board
    Paper kitchen towels

    Preparation milkshake with banana and avocado:

    Step 1: Prepare the ingredients.

    avocado and banana
    First, we need to prepare the fruit. For this, avocados wash under running water from the various impurities and dried with paper kitchen towels. Then we shift to a cutting board and cut in half. At the same time we do it carefully, because it is inside the bone. When we cut the fruit, remove seeds, or leave it in the second half and put them in the refrigerator. But the remaining half with the help of a teaspoon shall be exempt from the pulp. The pulp we shift into a bowl and throwing kozhurki. Then remove with a banana peel and placed on a cutting board, a knife cut into an ingredient into several small pieces.

    Step 2: mix ingredients cocktail.

    We shift the pulp of avocado
    Now we shift into a blender cup pulp of avocado.
    banana slices
    The pieces are then sliced ​​banana.
    and milk
    And with the help of the beaker measure out the required amount of milk. Close the lid and start the blender to grind ingredients, first at medium speed and then high. The resulting cocktail pour into a beautiful glass.

    Step 3: Post milkshake with banana and avocado.

    milkshake with banana and avocado
    For a more effective submission, you can insert into a glass tube or beautiful to decorate the surface of the drink with whipped cream. If you prepare a cocktail in the hot season, it is possible to add ice cubes. This drink can be served as a breakfast and at lunch or dinner. Cook with pleasure! Bon Appetit!

    Tips to the recipe:

    - - To our drink turned out tasty, it is necessary to choose the correct avocado. Prefer fruits with darker and uneven kozhurki. If the pressure on the avocado, formed vmyatinka recovering quickly, so good fruit. If vmyatinka left or it is not formed, it is better not to acquire such a fruit. Moreover, if possible, the selected avocado shake. Hearing a slight bone tapping, you can buy with confidence. And of course, visually it should be no stains.

    - - To quickly ripened avocado, put it next to the apple in a warm place.

    - - In a cocktail for a sweeter taste, you can add a little honey or sugar.

    - - A cocktail can complement a variety of spices, such as cardamom or any other.