Cocktail «Mimosa»

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Category Beverages
Cooking time: 2 hour
Person: 1 portion
Complexity: Complicated

Cooking process


In our country is very famous salad "Mimosa", thanks to its delicate taste and availability of ingredients. Cocktail "Mimosa" popular not so wide, so cook it, you can surprise and please their household. This is a very simple cocktail with wonderful taste, which is a mixture of sparkling wine and orange juice. Versions of several of his appearance, one of them "Mimosa" cocktail was invented by a bartender in London in 1921.

Ingredients for Cocktail "Mimosa":

Dry sparkling wine (champagne) 120 milliliters.
Orange juice 30 milliliters.
Orange for decoration.


Spoon for cocktails., Champagne glass.

Preparation of Cocktail "Mimosa":

Step 1: prepare a cocktail "Mimosa".

cook cocktail
A glass of champagne in the refrigerator for an hour. Pour into a glass of champagne, then topped up with orange juice. Mix the ingredients with the cocktail spoon. Knife on the chopping board cut off a piece of orange. Ready cocktail "Mimosa" decorate with orange circle.

Step 2: cocktails "Mimosa".

Cocktail "Mimosa" serve the holiday table or, as in the European countries, to the brunch. Bon Appetit!

Tips to the recipe:

- - The cocktail can add crushed ice - frappe. To prepare it, crush ice cubes in a blender or put ice in a plastic bag and break using the kitchen hammer.

- - The cocktail "Mimosa" you can add syrup "Grenadine". Prepare yourself it can be, mixing sugar syrup and pomegranate juice.

- - If instead of orange juice you mix champagne with lemon or lime juice, add crushed ice, then get a cocktail "Mimosa super."