Cocktail «Godfather»

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Category Beverages
Cooking time: 2 hour
Person: 1 portion
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

Cocktail & quot; The Godfather & quot;

Cocktail "The Godfather" ( "God-father") - one of the most popular alcoholic cocktails, gained fame for cinematic line. We all remember the eponymous cult film by Francis Ford Coppola with music by Nino Rota - painting, whose name has become a real brand. Preparation of relevant skill in the cocktail may take only about 10 seconds, since it composed of only two components. A unique taste that combines the fortress of Scotch whiskey, finesse and softness of Italian amaretto, will not leave anyone indifferent to any party.

Ingredients for Cocktail "father of the Cross":

Scotch whiskey (Scotsh Whiskey) 35 ml.
Amaretto liqueur (Amaretto) 35 ml.
Ice cubes 5 pieces.


    A glass of old-fashion (old-fashion glass)
    Straw for cocktail

    Cocktails "father of the Cross":

    Step 1: Prepare cocktail "The Godfather."

    Cocktail & quot; The Godfather & quot;
    For the preparation of this cocktail shaker is not mandatory, and may even be superfluous. But if you want to empty the glass quickly, not particularly focusing on the taste, the shaker will suit you. Here I will describe the variant without stirring, because I really like the effect of the bundle and the gradual dilution of cocktails with ice. So, take 5 ice cubes and throw them into the glass.
    Cocktail & quot; The Godfather & quot;
    The dose of whiskey and amaretto special accuracy we do not need, because the proportion of components one by one. In the eye, about keeping the proportions, pour into a glass with ice both drinks.

    Step 2: We serve cocktails, "The Godfather."

    Step 3:
    Cocktail & quot; The Godfather & quot;

    Do not forget to dip into a glass Solomenka. We serve a cocktail immediately after cooking, so it was diluted with ice-melting gradually and slowly cooled in the hands. Bon Appetit!

    Tips to the recipe:

    - - A glass of old-fashion - a classic for "The Godfather", but also other forms of cookware is acceptable - it may give the perception of a cocktail different hue.

    - - If you have a special connoisseur any specific brands of whiskey and amaretto, you can use your favorite. But if you happened to be a set of different varieties of these drinks, it is possible and to experiment.

    - - Correct proportion is quite permissible, this requires a small measuring utensils or special wine glasses fixed volume.

    - - It will not hurt to decorate a cocktail cherry (if any).