Cocktail «Black Russian»

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Cooking time: 10m
Person: 1 portion
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process


Despite the name, cocktail "Black Russian" It created not Russian. Legend has it that it originated through foreign bartender, who came to Russia to hunt. Where, according to the story, the barman met with a bear. Clumsy made at the bartender is very impressed that he created this cocktail. It turns out that the "Black Russian" cocktail in the title, it's a bear. Let's prepare this popular drink worldwide.

Ingredients for Cocktail "Black Russian":

Vodka 40 ml.
Coffee liqueur 20 ml.
crushed ice taste


    Wide glass
    bar spoon
    Measuring cup (Giguere)

    Cocktails "Black Russian":

    Step 1: preparing a cocktail.

    Black Russian cocktail
    The cocktail can be prepared in two ways: either in a shaker or directly in the bolkale. In love mluchae use ohladzhennuyu dishes. This can be rinsed under running cold water or send for a few minutes in the refrigerator. So, take a drink and lay out a couple of ice cubes, pour the first indication of the quantity of coffee liqueur, vodka then. Stir bar spoon.

    Step 2: cocktails "Black Russian".

    ready koktyl Black Russian
    Serve the cocktail after dinner is recommended. Decorate as desired, you can, for example, a circle of lemon or lime. Enjoy one of the most popular in the world of cocktails. Bon Appetit!

    Tips to the recipe:

    - - If you want to make a weaker drink, add 40 ml of Coca-Cola.

    - - If the cocktail add 40 ml of no fat milk or cream, you get a cocktail "White Russian".

    - - Cocktail Fortress can adjust the amount of the main ingredients, if you like stronger, you can take the liqueur and vodka in equal proportions.

    - - If you are preparing a large number of cocktails, it's best to cook it in a shaker to mix the right amount of ingredients and a couple of times vstrihnite.