Cocktail «Alexander»

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Category Beverages
Cooking time: 15m
Person: 1 portion
Complexity: Complicated

Cooking process

Cocktail & quot; Alexander & quot;

Spring evening, when the window nature and whispers of romance, I want to treat yourself to something sweet and romantic. I suggest you try "Alexander" cocktail. Do not see what the drink is a man's name (who specifically dedicated cocktail not known for certain), the taste of his true feminine, delicate, soft. Its preparation only takes a few minutes and it takes just an unforgettable pleasure!

Ingredients for Cocktail "Alexander":

Brandy 30 ml.
Liquor "Baileys" 30 ml.
Liqueur "Creme de cacao" (Creme de Brown) 30 ml. (Can be replaced by any other liqueur flavored cocoa or chocolate)


    Cocktail glass (wine glass).
    Shaker (blender, mixer).
    Measuring cup (Giguere)

    Preparation of "Alexander" cocktail:

    Step 1: Mix the ingredients.

    To start the shaker put crushed ice. Then fill to all the components of our cocktails. Now, very carefully stir. If you prepare a cocktail in a blender, then the order of the action is the same, though efforts to whip will need less. We pour out our cocktail through a strainer into a wine glass.

    Step 2: Serve.

    To the table
    Serve yourself or your favorite cheerful company. Before serving, sprinkle with grated bad to Muscat nut. Bon Appetit!

    Tips to the recipe:

    - - To feel all the sensuality of the beverage, it is served with ice and a drink through a straw.

    - - As an alternative to Baileys liqueur you can use 10% cream.

    - - Glass before serving, you can decorate with strawberries.

    - - Ready drink can be decorated with grated chocolate or cinnamon.