Bubbly cocktail

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Cooking time: 30m
Person: 8 servings
Complexity: Easily

Cooking process

bubbly cocktail

Throwing a party, a birthday, a holiday? Then, this cocktail is for you! Fruit drink with light appetizers, dizzy, stirs the blood, but at the same time helps to perfectly relax. Your friends will be surprised by the combination of a variety of flavors that make this stunning cocktail and fragrance will plunge them into the blade. The only problem is, it is never enough. So it will have to cook or many, or several times in succession. Cooking bubbly cocktail.

Ingredients for sparkling cocktail:

Garnet 1 piece
Seedless mandarin 2 pieces
Raspberries 200 grams
Cranberry Juice bags 200 grams
Champagne semi-dry 700 grams


    Cutting board
    Plate - 3 pieces

    Preparation of sparkling cocktail:

    Step 1: Prepare the ingredients of the - first.

    Mandarin shelled
    Take tangerine, hands cleans them from cover and films. Cleans thoroughly in a cocktail to not come across pieces of white membrane. Otchischennye mandarins divide into slices and place on a plate.
    pomegranate seeds
    Take the grenades on a cutting board with a knife to cut it into two halves. Remove them from the skin and take out the seeds that are inside the fruit. Loop through pomegranate seeds, if there are damaged, we do throw out, good grains laid on a plate.
    raspberry shelled
    Take raspberries, wash it under running water, separate the hands of her ponytails stalks. We put raspberries on a plate and put the berries in the freezer for 1 - 1.5. To cool raspberry cocktail was to be frozen. Together with raspberries in the freezer put 700 gram bottle of champagne. It does not hurt to be aired.
    juice with cranberry
    Take packaged cranberry juice, open it and we cast the right amount of juice with a prescription. Cooking We cocktail 8 servings, so that in this case should be the juice no more than 200 grams. Do not add products more than is written in the recipe. If the proportions are wrong, this may be lost on the taste scale. All the ingredients for making sparkling cocktail ready, you are ready to cook.

    Step 2: Prepare the ingredients of the - second.

    pomegranate in the blender
    We put in a blender grain 1 pomegranate, and grind them into turbo mode, 2 - 3 minutes. Blender milled pulp of pomegranate puree, a little shattered bones and contributed to the release of juice from the seeds. The result was a mass of mashed shaped with pomegranate seeds.
    ground pomegranate
    take the slices 2 otchischennyh Mandarin and combine them with the milled pomegranate seeds. Turn the blender on the turbo mode and grind tangerine slices with a mass of pomegranate seeds for 1 minute.
    mashed garnet
    Take the container from the blender and pour it with the weight of fruit with tangerine and pomegranate seeds in the strainer, which we previously set over a deep bowl. wipe through the resulting fruit weight. On the surface of the strainer should be only small, not pieces of milled seed from pomegranate seeds and membranes from the mandarins. The mass on the strainers we throw away, we do not need. The bowl was juice and fruit purée from pomegranate and tangerine. Transfused back to the whole mass in a blender.
    frozen raspberries
    Open the refrigerator and pull out the frozen raspberries.
    Raspberry puree
    Adding them to the blender puree pomegranate and tangerine.
    whipped raspberry
    All fruits, beat on the turbo mode for 1 minute. It turned cold fruit smoothie flavored with tangerine, pomegranate and raspberry. To the resulting mixture add 200 grams of cranberry juice. And stir all ingredients in a turbo mode more half a minute, only to they are well mixed with the juice. All the ingredients in the blender should be laid with a spoon and pour cranberry juice with a glass. But do not try the same spoon, interfere with the products directly into the blender, allow the machine to perform its functions. All well and mix well.

    Step 3: preparing a sparkling cocktail.

    Take a cold fruit smoothie with cranberry juice and spread it with a tablespoon, in equal parts by the glass. Top pour champagne. Bubbly cocktail is ready. It remains to decorate it.

    Step 4: Post bubbly cocktail.

    bubbly cocktail
    In a glass of sparkling cocktail to add a straw to drink. Next put a bowl of ice. For a beautiful feed into the glass, you can add a few grains of pomegranate, raspberry and cranberry. A couple of mint leaves on top, complement the entire picture. This drink is served with sweet dishes - cakes, pastries, candies. When I was preparing this cocktail, a little moved away from tradition. I prepare it in a large carafe and ice has added immediately. Cool off and heavily diluted with ice and a drink did not have time. Well, it is really very tasty. I hope you and your guests like a sparkling cocktail. Bon Appetit!

    Tips to the recipe:

    - - Sparkling cocktails are served immediately after cooking, as the game of mineral water in champagne very quickly terminated and bubbly cocktail can be a usual tasteless compote.

    - - After adding the ingredients in carbonated cocktail drink can not stir, he could lose his effervescence and bubbly.

    - - In the sparkling drink is better to add a dry or semi-dry champagne, these types of champagne, more carbonated and play longer.

    - - In the bubbly cocktail of strength you can add vodka or cognac.

    - - In the bubbly cocktail, you can add different kinds of fruits and berries, strawberries, cranberries, strawberries, blackberries, apples, cherries, kiwi, orange, lemon, lime. And this is not all of the options that you can use.