Alcoholic tea

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Cooking time: 15m
Person: 2 servings
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Cooking process

Alcoholic tea

If you like to drink tea and spirits, it is not necessary to give up alcohol during tea. After all, there are so many different drinks that are perfect for well-brewed tea - this brandy, and a variety of liqueurs, tinctures and balms on beneficial herbs. Portrayed in a variety of views on the use of alcoholic tea. Some believe that it is completely kills the taste, and no benefit from this tea there, while others believe it is a combination of a pretty healing and find in it his particular pleasure. But the choice is only for you, if you like - drink with pleasure, or that, or so. The main thing to decide for themselves what and what concrete mix and especially in what proportions. Tea in such alcoholic beverage to be definitely more.

Ingredients for the preparation of alcohol tea:

Black tea 2 hours. Spoons
Lemon (the juice we need it) half
White dry or semi-sweet wine 1 cup
Vodka (any of your choice) 50 ml.
raw water at its discretion
Granulated sugar to your liking


Teapot for tea, tea ware warming alcohol, cutlery, tea cup (or cups)

Preparation of alcohol tea:

Step 1: make tea.

Black tea
To make good tea, I advise you to always use the raw water, it would be better contained in it for tea and flavor. Before we make tea in the teapot for tea leaves, it is necessary to pour over boiling water, then we will make tea in the following proportions: take one teaspoon of dried and fresh tea 2 cups boiling water.
We fall asleep tea in teapot
Tea, we will not contact you to boil, and only zaparivat boiling water, so it will retain all of its wonderful taste.
pour boiling water over tea
In a properly brewed tea leaves have to deal and give us amazing aroma and taste. Different tea necessary to insist on the different ways: plain black will brew 5-10 minutes, Chinese green requires a longer period of time, it can take up to an hour.

Step 2: Prepare an alcoholic tea.

bobavlyaem white wine
In a properly brewed tea add half a glass of dry or semi-sweet white wine,
add to tea vodka
50 ml. any vodka and put it all on fire, warm up, bring to a boil, but do not give the liquid to boil.
lemon juice
Remove from the heat and pour the sugar to taste and lemon juice (it is necessary to strain through a fine sieve or several layers of gauze, so that the tea does not suck small pieces of flesh). Thoroughly mix the mass until complete dissolution of sugar.

Step 3: We serve alcoholic tea.

alcoholic tea
Drink alcoholic tea is best in the long winter evenings, sitting in front of a TV or a favorite book for warmth and feel quite satisfied man. Alternatively, a tea can be served cheerful company, as an aperitif, before a festive feast. Add a slice of lemon can be attached to the neck of the cup by nazreza. Enjoy your meal!

Tips to the recipe:

- - In order to further emphasize the taste of the tea before serving, you can add to taste a pinch of cinnamon. It is best if it is freshly made from sticks.

- - It is very important to properly store tea, did not hurt the quality. The place where the tea store should be dry and containers always tightly closed.

- - Vodka in this recipe can be replaced with brandy or rum. Its incomparable flavor is very enrich the taste and aroma of tea. In addition, you can use special tinctures and balms, which very effectively and successfully emphasize the taste of the tea.

- - For the preparation of this drink is best to use a good tea without additional additives, flavors and fragrances. It should be clean, without impurities black tea. Although it is possible to use the taste and green.