Uriage, the solar line

News, returns and ever green.  uriage He has really thought of everything to her new line of solar Bariésun, suitable for all ages. It 's always important to use a sunscreen during exposure to the sun, which is high, average or low depending on your phototype, so as to avoid sunburn.

Optimum and enhanced protection

Are three guidelines that have inspired Bariésun: delete the ingredients at risk allergy, decrease the concentration of sunscreens and limit the number of same filters in contact with the skin. The Uriage laboratories are thus able to create a sunscreen suitable for all skin types, because it uses only three filters, It does not contain octocrylene, It is without parabens and alcohol-free. It provides adequate protection not only against UVA and UVB rays, but also from all those factors that threaten the youthfulness of the skin: enhanced by the presence of Water Uriage Thermal, vitamin E and vitamin C stabilized give an antioxidant effect to the line . Furthermore Aquaspongine idroprotettive contained in the formula retain water in tissues limiting sun damage, wind, salt and heat.

The news

Bariésun Dry Oil is formulated to protect hair and body, its evanescent and non-greasy texture makes it suitable for men and women. It is resistant to water and softening. Present in two protection indices: high SPF 30 and very high SPF 50, also ensures an adequate defense to the sensitive skin. Bariésun XP Cream SPF 50+ is the treatment 3 in 1 designed for sensitive skin that suffers from hyperpigmentation and genetic diseases or auto-immune. It is also suitable in case of post aesthetic or surgical interventions.

Uriage, the solar line

The line

The range of products comprises Bariésun creams, sticks and sprays High Protection SPF 30, and Very High Protection SPF 50+; a online Enfants for children; mineral formulations for skin intolerant or allergic; after only two treatments that soothe the skin and enhances the tan and a line of products Self-tanning easy to use.