Tutorial make up Ferragosto

Here's how to make a cool and special make up for the night of August.


  • Base for eye shadow
  • yellow pencil, green and blue
  • Eye shadow powder
  • Tutorial make up Ferragosto
  • Mascara black
  • BB cream or mineral foundation
  • Blush fish cooked
  • Gloss or glossy lipstick

Make up eyes

focal point of the Assumption will be the trick eyes. The colors chosen for this tutorial are the green and the blue: Versatile colors, suitable for both the dark eyes that light ones. apply a basis for eye shadow on the entire eyelid, both fixed and mobile. take a yellow pencil and, roughly, apply it in 'internal corner eye. With a pencil metallic green, Cover the rest of the eyelid and helping you with your fingertips, pour it all. The use of the pencils is very important because, not only lend themselves as a 'base further, but intensify the products that you will apply later. At this point, equip two eye shadows, preferably shimmer, of similar color to the pencils: a yellow turned on and a beautiful green with yellowish hues. Pressed on the product previously applied pencils and come to the crease, blended with a clean brush. Remember to Do not overcome the crease of the eye: we do not want the panda effect! For a shimmering finish, you can wet the product before applying. To avoid deadlifts color drastic, blended well eye shadows between them. Taken a bit 'of product from a blue eyeshadow and, with a precision brush, applied under the rhyme of lower lashes. In the internal rhyme, however, you can apply a blue pencil which, being lighter, will open the look. With a tissue, clean any fallout of the products and finished by applying a mascara intense black.

Make up face

For facial makeup, the secret is lightness! Remember that it's summer and it's hot then, not weighed down your face with too many products. And 'advisable to use simply a mineral foundation or a bb cream or, if you are lucky and you have a good skin, even the simple moisturizing cream. With a light concealer, cover any dark circles or imperfections. Also, if you tend to lucidarvi, use a little ' powder. Cheeks applied a blush cooked, not too rosy, but bright: Keep yourself slightly under his cheek, in such a way that the blush sculpt Also cheekbones, without having to use an additional product. Very important l 'illuminating: It is in cream or powder, apply it over the cheekbones, on'Cupid's bow It is on nose. This step is crucial to give an effect glow your make up.

Make up lips

On the lips apply a veil lipstick or better yet a simple gloss: Eyes will be so very marked, it is preferable to leave lips more natural possible.