Trend white hair

A growing trend sees women proudly show White hair. The women, in young age, would have imagined falling prey to a nervous breakdown as soon as they caught sight of the first white hair, let alone a lock! Yet the reaction was not as bad as they would have believed themselves, perhaps softened by the positive pronouncement mrs Fashion compared to white at the top.
More and more actresses, presenters, singers perform with savoir faire the silver-haired, a choice that each woman raises the usual appointment pro-dye.

It's appropriate to say that fashions change and with a speed as to leave stunned. The season before it's time to long, flowing hair, that after very short and strange hair colors, such as white, in fact.

There white head, generally refused, he always did think of otherwise young age. Today, however, the scenario appears changed and women are choosing to color their white Brown, blacks or red hair. Some cosmetic companies, in fact, adapting to the dictates of the market, offering dyes chic gray.

As a matter of psychologists, in the case of forward women with age, keeping whites and not dye hair denotes personality and strength. The phenomenon, because that can be defined, has acquired the nickname "Grey Pride": the pride of a gray head that thinks and does not stain. The change of course is already mentioned in 2012 with the campaign of the clothing brand advanced he had for a beautiful testimonial older model with white hair. In the same year, also in New York, paraded in natural foliage footbridge salt and pepper; same thing for the fashion shows Chanel is Ermanno Scervino.

The book "Going gray" ( "I do not tingo" Italian version of 2007), written by Anne Kreamer, has inspired many websites and blogs and gave way to a gray revolution with so many women over 40, women from the most diverse industries from entertainment to politics, fashionable. Meryl Streep any "The devil wears Prada", singer pink, female politicians such as Christine Lagarde, supermodel Kate Moss and singer Lady Gaga are all followers of gray. Follow the gray wave also the eccentric Kelly Osbourne with his white platinum hair, the Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova, British actress Helen Mirren, Judi Dench and Vanessa Redgrave. In Italy there Paola Marella, presenter and property developer, that brings with extreme nonchalance two saucy and whitish tufts.

Here are some tips random:

Trend white hair
  • if you choose to wear the white hair is good to choose a nice cut. Style total white bride to best the short cut, Bob or shaved on the sides with a white tuft, also pass the medium length hair as long linked with a paper clip, or wrapped in a braid tied into a bun;
  • white hair highlight the face and, for that, you must pay close attention to the harmony of the basic colors (eyes and skin);
  • the shades of color should be chosen according to age: twenty to thirty best a totally white, from thirty up to the total white mix and match the gray veins;
  • to avoid monotony is recommended to wear big earrings and colored clothes, as well as to create a glamorous contrast.