Tanning accelerators solar

For us women the first bikini almost always causes some embarrassment, not only for physical fitness, but also for the skin after the winter months, it is white and pale. Thus it becomes a must get a super tan in no time. The secret? The tanning accelerators, which provide a golden, dark skin from the first exposure. These products in fact contain substances that promote the production of melanin, that is the pigment that causes the tan. Beware though, use them only if you have a suitable skin, so as to avoid sunburn check well before the phototype of your skin. Here is a selection of products.

Supertanning Intensive Ultra-Fast SPF 6 by Collistar: a product water resistant, to be used on both the face and body. It accelerates tanning and boosts up to 71.5%, also is effective even when the sun is not very intense due to the action of beta-carotene, carrot extract, Unipertan, tyrosine and oleoyl.

Davines Essential Haircare / SU Tan Maximizer Tanning Accelerators: a soft and fluffy cream applied to the skin, but also on the hair. Spreads over the entire body before exposure to the sun, during and after, as the basis for the sunscreen.

Sun System, Enhancer and Prolonging tanning Rilastil: fresh emulsion for the face and body, suitable to protect the most sensitive skin and accelerate the tan.

Gel Solar Intensifier Tan + 68% Anti-Age Planter's Face: a gel to be used on facial skin for tanning increases of 68% by accelerating and intensifying the natural pigmentation process. Furthermore it contains anti-aging active ingredients that ensure a toned, smooth and firm.

Cream accelerator tanning oil of jojoba Erbolario: a tanning activator Jojoba oil. To use one week before exposure to the sun makes the skin smooth and fragrant.

Nature's Accelerator tanning + 65%: his formula based on Loofah Oil and Tyrosine, Vegetal Melanin and shea butter favors an intense and rapid since the first exhibitions.

AttivaBronz + 40% of tanning accelerator Rougj: a cream based UnipertanVeg 2002 a principle that promotes the production of melanin. It plays an anti-aging effect, facilitating the production of collagen with a moisturizing and anti-aging. And 'ideal to also protect the skin clearer, standardize and enhance the tan.

tanning accelerators solar

The Sun Accelerator intensive tan Arval face and body: increases the tan of 60% favoring the production of melanin, thanks to its formula based on vitamin E, collagen and elastin which perform anti-aging action.

Tanning activator of Bioline: it is a soft, scented gel for use on the face and body about three weeks before exposure to the sun. This product acts on the melanin of the skin by stimulating your tan and prepare the skin to receive sunlight.

Bioderma Photoderm Bronz: It is a product that performs two different functions. On the one hand protects the skin from UVB and UVA rays, thanks to bioprotection complex, on the other accelerates tanning, thanks to the stimulator of melanin content in its formulation. E 'available both spray cream, which in the form of oil and is water resistant.