Nail art: the basic accessories

The new fashion of decorating the nails "Nail art" He has caught on for several years and does not seem to stop. Ideas to copy and replicate are lots able to meet all tastes, from simple decorations to elaborate works of great precision. Current trends point to bare effects that reveal the natural nail details like the trend of negative Space.
This type of nail art launched via instagram involves the application of alternating colored enamel on the nail transparent spaces that create a strong contrast.

Technical data and accessories for nail art

The nail decorating techniques are many and all avail themselves of the use of special instruments necessary or critical to the realization. If you are not the expert's advice is to start with simple decoration and easy to make.
The contour lines in a decoration should be conducted using small brushes so as to create the desired shape. The colors must be applied one at a time leaving them to dry before applying the next one the same technique also applies in the creation of the nuances. Use the striper to create various size dots or failing a toothpick or other instrument from the thin tip.
To achieve a flower positioned on the nail five color points so as to create a circle and the center of these draws a point of a different color. The same dots could also be used to create vortices or abstract designs, but be careful they must be processed quickly enough and before the paint dries.
Another technique of nail art involves the application of small objects such as polymer clay, rhinestones, beads, glitter, or readily available and jewels that are pasted on the nail with a special adhesive.

Nail art: the basic accessories
If the classic colors have tired you can create nail art with colorful swirls. Using a toothpick or brush of fine tip you can apply a dot of colored enamel and above this, back when it is dry, another point of a different color. Dragging along the two colors to the outside or in circles are going to create a very original effect.
Another technique is the very pretty water marble that consists of dipping the nails in a bowl containing water mixed with colored enamels.

Essential accessories for nail art

  • Stripes nail brush: a brush with the long tip is essential to create precise lines
  • Spot or dotter  useful for creating points which then takes the creation of flowers, hearts, leaves, but also a useful tool for the application of polymer clay, beads or rhinestones
  • Brush fan: brush used to create shades of color
  • Bent nail brush: Precision brush used for creating small drawings
  • Medium nail brush: Brush used to refine designs, and define the contours or fill objects in a drawing space
  • colored gels and Enamels 
  • Airbrush and masks
  • Various decorations: glitter, sequins or glitter to be applied on nails