Nail art: instructions for use

Thanks to Nail Art fingernails (but also the feet!) Are always neat and perfect.
Thanks to Nail Art fingernails (but also the feet!) Are always neat and perfect.

There Nail Art It born after the classical nail and covers everything that revolves around the nail decoration, which is expressed on a true work of art.

Enamels, color and personality

Nail art ensures that every woman can always have beautiful and manicured nails, but especially nails that express their personality. This practice has become in recent years a fundamental aspect on important occasions such as parties or weddings. Nail art has caught on first in United States and Japan then also spread to Europe and Italy, where for a few years began to spread and become a real fashion.
Although today this practice is considered a new fashion the "nail art" was practiced centuries ago, first in ancient Egypt and later in Ancient Greece: in Roman times when it even used plant extracts to create what we call today is enamel.

The nail art in Italy

The price of a nail art varies according to two factors: the used products and the professional who realizes. In every season there are new trends, but basically in the winter the choicest colors are neutral, while in summer you prefer brighter colors.
This great success of nail art has brought the birth of specialized beauty salons, but also of television programs conducted by professional and industry collaborations between cosmetics brands and famous YouTubers / blogger who through their social channels give advice and show tutorial to make a homemade nail art.
Among the most famous we can remember Mikeligna, Madda Fashion or Breath of Goddess who through their YouTube channels have become true icons for all the girls who like to take care of and experiment with new graphics and colors for your nails.

The nail art has a purely aesthetic character and serves to make the perfect nails at any time so the possible decorations are endless. The nails can be decorated freehand with brushes and dotter and even using a aereografo, but also by adding applications such as glitter, sequins, flowers and even piercing.

The nail art can be made either on the natural nail both of nails posing a reconstruction with gel or with acrylic.

To realize a nail art a need of appropriate products and tools such as, for example:

• the size and shape varies Brushes (range, commercials, fine tip etc.);
• colored gel;
• colored enamels;
• Airbrush, masks;
• Various Decorations: glitter, sequins or glitter.