Nail art: decorate your nails with stickers

There nail art It allows you to donate to our fingernails whatever aspect we want. The possibilities are endless to decorate them and is left off room for imagination and creativity.
But we must not necessarily be an expert to be able to treat yourself to some delicious and impeccable decor for their manicure.
The nails, in fact, can also be decorated with the stickers. In the market there are really endless and you can satisfy all tastes. There is really spoiled for choice!

decorative stickers

The little ones there are stickers that are used to create small decorations at the base or at the end of nails, to be applied on to your nail polish and top coat before (which will also serve to protect them). You will find in the shape of small flowers, stylized flourishes, butterflies, hearts or even glitter: will make any special and original manicure. We think of the holiday season, for example: you can choose from Christmas trees, garlands, or even ice crystals!

Stickers patches

On the market they are also real nail stickers, that should be applied to the entire nail and replace the classic enamel layer. To fix them you must always apply it over the top coat. It is a layer of adhesive enamel, which should be adapted to the shape of their nails and limandolo cutting it out, and which can then be removed with acetone just like a normal manicure.

Nail art: decorate your nails with stickers
You can choose from thousands of decorations: flowers, animal prints, glitter, polka dots, geometric patterns or lace, to name a few.
You can create so delicious accent manicure on annular, or you can reproduce the same decor on the thumb and ring finger of both hands, without the fear of not having the dexterity to play them identical.

The nail stickers They are quick and easy to apply: the ideal solution for those who have not much time to decorate their nails and still want to do it. Get inspired by our gallery!