Manicure DIY

Manicure DIY

With the arrival of summer we find out only the body, but also and above all hands. After finally placed the woolen gloves in the closet so it's important to take care of your manicure. Hands in fact, like the face, are our business card and tell others who we are. If you are always in a hurry, between work, family, partners and friends, and you do not have time to go to the beautician, here is some advice on how to do a manicure at home, and then spring the entertaining with enamels or with scented varnishes. Manicure DIY is not only a way to save money and save time, but also a way to devote some time to yourself and to your beauty.

What you need for a manicure DIY

Let us first of all what are the tools that will help us to make the manicure. Innanzituttoil solvent, a basin of warm water, there file, the chopsticks to remove the cuticles, moisturizing cream and finally nail varnish, the'hardener and the top coat.

How to File the nails

The first step is to file my nails. To do this you can use a file glass or cardboard. Evita instead of metal ones that are harder and damage the nail. This tool will serve primarily to shorten the nails and give it the shape that you want. Work all nails sliding back and forth file, then polished to even the surface well using a much more fine file or, better yet, the opposite side of multiphase files, which it is responsible for this purpose. Finally brushed the fingertips with a toothbrush to clean them.

How to remove the cuticles

Now we can move on to the cuticles. To make them soft applicateci above dell 'olive oil, Then, with the right stick, push the cuticles down. Do not cut them completely or you risk causing an infection. Alternatively you can hold to soak your hands in warm water and then remove the cuticles. Finally, apply the moisturizer on your hands.

How to apply the glaze

The most delicate moment of manicure is undoubtedly the application of nail polish. To have perfect hands you must use quality products and to ensure a long-lasting. To protect your nails and prevent it scheggino spreads primarily a base coat. When dry, apply the glaze starting from the bottom center going up, finally you can apply a top coat to fix and make more brilliant color. An idea for the color? THE'Orange It will be perfect for the summer 2014.