Make up as witch in 7 products: the carnival is scary

For the Carnival make-up did you choose look Bewitched but you do not know how to accomplish it? Let's see a few products that will help you create a complete make up for a carnival of fear!

And if you're looking for a make up even more "terrifying" to be guided by our suggestions and processed in 5 easy steps into a ... zombie!

1 Face-Base

The base is always very important, any type of makeup is going to realize. It then uses primer Specific to be chosen according to skin type: nutrients for dry skin and matting for that combination or oily. For a professional make-up you can use the white greasepaint, perfect for recreating a complexion almost ethereal and timeless.


Use an opaque foundation is important and then go to achieve on the face any stage effects. Generally makeup witch provides a very light and pale complexion. If you have a foundation in the drawer lying unused because the color is too light it's time to use it; alternatively you can always brighten the final effect with a powder at fairly opaque white base.
the foundation Mac Studio Fix Fluid, for example, it helps to minimize facial imperfections, creating a "perfect canvas" on which to go to work with other products. It does not create thickness on the skin and has good durability. The finish is matte.


In makeup Witch contouring is very pronounced, therefore it is vital to sculpt your face by creating areas of light and shadow.
The earth Deborah Palette Contouring, for example, it is made with pods of different colors, to get a perfect contouring suitable for all types of complexion. For a real effect in sculpting the Witch insist just below the cheekbone area.


The colors used in the make up of Witch are Violet and the black.
You can help with a palette, where it is easy to find these colors or similar shades. You can use the Vice Palette 4 of Urban Decay or opt for a cheaper solution such as Palette 32 eyeshadows Ultra Forever Mermaids Makeup Revolution. For a quick and easy trick you can use the purple on the entire eyelid, then going to fade a bit 'in black in the crease to give depth to make up.

For the Witch look is great also make up smokey eyes, that gives strength to the eye, making it more "bad" but also seductive!

Make up as witch in 7 products: the carnival is scary

5-Eyes pencils and Mascara

To choose definitely long-lasting and possibly water resistant.

The pencil Perfect Eyes Eyeliner Too Faced, for example, it is great to be applied both inside and outside of the eye: the color is intense and especially long-lasting. To make a Witch is essential to apply the black pencil both inside and outside the eye, in order to give depth to the eye.
Even the mascara has to be long-lasting, choose it as the volumizing Pupa Vamp! Extreme for a dramatic make-up and a beautiful "false lashes effect".


Welcome to the darker colors and maybe we do not dare to wear every day. Dark purple, burgundy, brown-black. The important thing is finding the right balance between intense and lasting color and good hydration of the lips. If you do not love the creamy texture you can always opt for shades lips or liquid lipsticks, for example by choosing the I'M Matt Fluid Pupa, releasing an intense color, clothing and durable.

7-Coloured lenses

A final touch that will make the trick even more realistic Witch. Choose it possibly a very light color and "look Witch" will be assured!