Low solar protection

With the first warm, even before it announced the arrival of Charon, sun exposure is automatic. Throughout the year, we do not wait another: being kissed by sunlight. E 'therefore very important to choose the right solar: everything depends on the skin type and the hours in which one turns into lizards lay in the sun. If in temperate zones and in the case of occasional exposure, the protection must be high or very high, all 'continuous exposure (10-30 days) can instead combine the use of a sunscreen high the first four or five days to then gradually scalar able, by medium protection to low. The solar protection with medium and low, from 20 to 6, are used in the case of a 'already even tan or a olive complexion. Taking specific supplements for tanning It can be useful to stimulate the production of melanin and intensify the tan. recettepro.info suggests a roundup of solar, including creams and oils, suitably divided by degree of protection.

20 protection

For those who dare, but not without first applying an average protection.

  • Nivea sun cream wrinkle face, 20 protection, protects the skin and prevents wrinkles. The application of this cream leaves the skin soft and supple thanks to its non-greasy formula based Alpha Flavon. The cost is 10 euro.
  • Soleil protection and hydratation veloutée Roc, 20 is a spray protection milk with anti oxidants that prevent sunburn and premature aging. The cost is € 19,80.
  • Polysianes velvety cream face Klorane It is an average face protection. The photoprotector Polysianes 2008 and Monoi de Tahiti oil rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, are its components, it costs 14 euro.

15 protection

For those degrades with the protection, from 20 to 15.

  • moisturizing sunscreen milk Natural Honey It ensures rapid absorption and good water resistance. It consists of UVA / UVB broad spectrum filters; tyrosine, which stimulates the tan; Hidrogen 5, a moisturizing complex; vitis vinifera that has anti aging effect. The cost: 7.65 EUR.
  • Milk protective spray Ideal Bronze Garnier that thanks to an anti-UVA / UVB formula and a filtering system patented photostable protects the skin, cost € 16,75.
Low solar protection
  • Solar facial cream, Solei Line, Boots Laboratories It develops an action anti-aging and prevents the formation of dark spots. It also contains vitamin E. Cost: 18:50 euro
  • sunscreen tanning accelerator L'Erbolario, applied a week before the holidays, prepares the skin for sun exposure and accelerates tanning. It is at the basis of jojoba oil and olive oil, it costs 15,50 €.
  • Defence Sun 15 milk BioNike spray. It is a fluid for tanned skin, with the active ingredients, b-glucan and l-carnosine, defends the skin against aging, it costs € 17,50.

10 protection

10 protection, for when you are already tanning fairs and proceed to make it more uniform and shining.

  • Sun milk Icy Protection, Solar Expertise line of L'Oreal Paris It protects against UVA and UVB rays, thanks to the filtering system consisting of Mexoryl along with vitamin E, which gives a sense of freshness. Cost: 11,50 euro.
  • Coppertone tanning accelerator mix botanical extracts and cocoa butter, accelerates tanning, water resistant and has a protective action. The cost: 14.95 euro.

6 protection

Tanning is already advanced and to conserve and give the final touch takes protection 6, under which it is recommended to never go down.

  • deep tan oil FPS 6 Protectyl Végétal Yves Rocher, It makes it more beautiful tan dark or tanned skin. Beta-carotene favors, in fact, more intense tan, the purified extract of aphloia promotes the stimulation of the skin's natural repair process. The cost: 8,95 euro.
  • Bilboa Carrot Solar emulsion Bilboa, thanks to β-Carrot SystemTM and low security factor is the choice best suited to those with tanned skin and sallow. It costs 8 Euros.
  • Oil tanning Dry Tropical Blend Coppertone, It is perfect for tanned skin or for those who want a more intense color. The formula is enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E, it costs 7,91 euro.
  • Light Feeling Sun Lotion Nivea is effective against sunburn and skin aging, costs 10.00 Euros.
  • activator moisturizing sun milk of Natural Honey tan It has the base tyrosine, which stimulates the production of melanin; the Hidragen 5 complex, which prevents dehydration and vitamin A which plays an anti-aging function. Cost: 5,65 €.
  • Nivea Moisturising Sun Lotion It has an innovative system of UVA / UVB balanced filters as well as protecting against sunburn and the risk of allergies. Cost: 10,00 euro.
  • body lotion beauty Sun Korff tricotanyl contains PVP, a polymer smoothing action and silicones. This protection factor is suitable for dark or tanned skin, cost € 18,50.