In shape for summer

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She really has an enviable physique, and reveals the secrets to get perfect the fateful test suit.

We are coming and we can not help it ... if not hijack deserved holidays at 8000 meters high, where throughout the year the temperature is -20 degrees; but if we want the sea, the test suit is around the corner, even before.

So take notes and store the details: we are about to witness a concentrate of exercises suggested by one of the women followed in Italy for his work, for his performances with oars and ... for his physical. Luana Profido, the face and perfect body behind the blog Turning50 It tells us how to stay fit after the "door" and how to get in the pool or linger on the shoreline fairs of their own bodies.

For those who make sport under the summer sun, then, there are little tricks to keep cool the skin subjected to the double stress: first cleansing. You need to choose delicate products without preservatives, perfumes and dyes, such as Physiogel® Nutri-Moisturizing Daily Cleansing Base, a product for dry and sensitive skin that cleanses every part of the body, including face and hair.

And after showering, to soothe and soften the skin around the body, Relief Soothing Lotion It is ideal: a product "super fast" always keep with you. Is absorbed immediately, to give the feeling of relief palpable a relaxed and hydrated (contains no preservatives or dyes). Here, then, the products must haves for sports, but also for those about to become one. Ready?

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