I’M EAU DE PARFUM, the new fragrance by Pupa

In home Pupa is born 'I'M, EAU DE PARFUM' the new fragrance that greets the summer with a mix of essences ranging dall'acidulo of cassis with feminine notes of wild strawberry and clove, through the intensity of pink, violet and honeysuckle, getting lost in the white amber sweetness of labdanum, vanilla and musk . The result is not only an eau de parfum totally new, but it is a true creative path which according to the intention of the Pupa experts it had to recreate olfactory smell a kiss. Successful challenge? Women will judge ...

A perfume design that leaves its mark

Surely 'I'M, EAU DE PARFUM' Pupa is a perfume that makes notarand, not only for its exquisite fragrance. To attract attention is first of all the design, unique and strong visual impact, with its shapes, colors and the logo itself born of a new creative path: a kind of common thread with a strong emphasis 'pop' which combines all the elements that characterize the product and connotes making them truly outstanding. For the design of creative bottle parties are eccentric personality 'I'M LIPSTICK' taking up the theme of contrasting colors pop that become the true hallmark of 'I'M EAU DE PARFUM'. Simply guessed the perfume cap, a Kiss almost comic decorating the whole bottle. A miniature sculpture in the shape of red and fleshy lips, a symbol of sensuality that reinforces the link with the other female element par excellence which is the lipstick. Strong shapes and contrasting elements for the packaging of Pupa perfume, a mix of energy, uniqueness, contrasts and harmonies which tell a very pop female world. Finally, the subtle harmony line the logo 'I'M EAU DE PARFUM'.

How did the fragrance

I'M EAU DE PARFUM, the new fragrance by Pupa

The 'fragrance I' M 'was born in workshops Atelier Fragrances Milan, an Italian company prominent in the world of perfumes where everything revolves around the 'made in Italy' and where are born exclusive fragrances. This in particular is born a collaboration of two perfumers experts working within the company, Maurizio Cerizza and Luca Maffei. To them the word. "I created new olfactory concepts thinking of unpublished agreements at such times and in most places disparati- explains Cerizza- In composing one is led to rationality, to comply with the compositional" canonical "rules and therefore to always use the raw materials in the usual combinations and dosages but sometimes creating means, if not always, regardless of already marked roads and try to broaden their horizons by using an original and unusual way some components. What may appear risky, exaggerated, unthinkable can give as their unexpected result that to which we must always aim: balance and harmony ". Luca Maffei is a promising young Italian Perfumery, its onset is dated 2007. "We therefore decided to work with a few raw materials exasperating dosages to create originality. The result was to be the contrast, the shock of an unusual arrangement. Born from the union of the colors the idea of ​​superimposing a head sour note that evolves in a very feminine theme, floral taste. Playing appearance cold-hot note opens with sweet sour notes of cassis completed a touch of sweet wild strawberry. The rich and intense flowery heart gives off hints of pink and violet to evoke the characteristic smell of lipstick. The amber bottom and vanilla gives volume and sensuality thanks to the agreement labdanum and vanilla ". More clearly than that ...

new lipsticks

creative wave of perfume, Pupa has also created Six new colors for 'I'M LIPSTICK', lipstick soul pop: Strawberry Juice and Strawberry Passion inspired by the notes of the perfume head or the wild strawberry; Rose Couture and Rose Pop the middle notes of rose; Amber Gold and Amber Glazed the base notes of amber white.