How to revive brown hair

How to revive brown hair 01

There brown hair has its own charm and is very seductive and feminine if it succeeds in time to maintain a healthy, full-bodied and soft. Whether the color brown either natural or obtained with a tint can be easily treated with natural elements to find a subtle sheen, appearing so lively thanks to reflections that give movement.
A brown dish, in fact, does not do justice to any head of hair and hairstyle ... even the most glamorous! dark hair often tend to lose color and vitality and due to several factors: the use of too hot air during drying, too frequent washing, atmospheric events like the sun, the chlorine in swimming pools, plates and products for washing too aggressive that tend to pulping the hair making it look dull and flat.

Natural remedies for the sheen of brown hair

The first step concerns the washing hair: Brown, light hair, dark or mahogany, require specific products for this type of color. So it's important to choose a shampoo and a conditioner suitable for brown but is delicate and not very aggressive. After washing with the usual products It can brighten the color and give shine with a wrap vinegar or with the crown massages husk oil, linseed oil, shea oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, castor oil (Easily found in herbal medicine) or simple olive oil. These elements have the ability to make cuticles soft hair and eliminate the layer opaque hair, thus giving naturally a great luster and shine. It is extremely nutritious oils for Brown hair brittle and not very bright.
to intensify, instead, the brown of your hair, you can use a natural remedy used a lot by grandmothers or the coffee in the form of wrap for a time of about 30 minutes. This remedy allows the hair to darken and reboot the chestnut brown. How to use the coffee? Simply diluted in a cup of coffee and soak each strand with this liquid. Once each section has been adequately soaked in coffee, the entire head must be covered with plastic wrap for all the time of the laying. Subsequently the hair go risciacquanti with warm water and dried in your usual way.

To revive the color brown, especially if it has some dark shades, is a successful remedy the black tea, made from cranberry wrap, bay and chestnut or elder and ivy leaves. Even common rosemary in the form of infusion It seems to have immediate effects on the brown hair in a short time to revive the reflections off.