Henna: color the hair to the natural

There lawsonia inermis, more commonly known as henna, it is a plant. In ancient times it was used to dye your hair and keep them healthy and soft. And 'an element completely natural, does not contain chemical agents, and this is not harmful, indeed it has many properties that make it very good for the hair and making it gradually more and more bright and regenerated. One of the features most appreciated by women is that this type of dye is used to return to his color in any time you want: just stop using it, and in a month the hair will be natural again.

henna red

The real henna color is red, all the colors are produced by adding henna indigo is cassia, which are two different plants. The result of the henna coloring always depends on the type of hair on which it is applied. Of those very clear red sticks very well, creating an intense effect. On brown hair henna it will be copper, with some red reflex. On dark brown hair red reflections will be much less visible, but the effect will be seen very enlightening. Finally, the white hair the result will be a total of hair color and a remarkable vivacity of reflexes.

henna blond

The blond henna should be used only by those who have very light hair. This is because it does not have the ability to lighten, but only to donate the hair of reflections gold and to make them brighter. It 'still possible lighten your hair naturally, for example with chamomile, honey, lemon and beer. The blond henna is applied especially by those who want to revitalize their color, but without using harmful chemicals and products for the hair such as ammonia.

Henna: color the hair to the natural

neutral henna

It is not derived from Lawsonia, but from Senna Italica. Does not have the properties to dye the hair, but the restructures permanently. It makes the hair soft and very shiny. This type of product is particularly suitable for those with very dull or frizzy hair. He, finally, the ability to give more strength to the scalp, making it healthy and at the same time very strong and resistant to the fall. Thanks neutral henna your hair will definitely healthier and more beautiful.


The sodium picramate is a synthetic dye. It is often mixed with the henna powder to achieve a more intense and vivid red effect. But beware, this element is hazardous and harmful to the body if it is put in the mixtures an amount equal to or greater than 0.2%. In any case, although in the minimum quantity picramate can be used, it is always advised to make use of totally natural products that enrich the hair and regenerate without negative consequences.