Groin depilation: methods and tips

An accurate and shave that leaves no redness is one of the first steps to prepare for the summer and swimsuit season

Summer is coming and approaching the bikini test. In these cases for us women is fundamental hair removal, especially of delicate parts. The groin hair removal can be annoying, especially if you choose to use the waxing, which, however, it appears to be the best way to get smooth skin longer. However, there are several methods of hair removal in addition to waxing, as razor is creams. In addition to the methods also types have changed over time, because you can only shave the area bikini or proceed to a full hair removal.

Depilation with razor

The classic razor is definitely a fast and painless method, but the hair is cut and its regrowth is very rapid, is between 2 and 4 days. Never shave dry, it is advisable to do it in the shower using soap or depilatory foams. The alternative is the use of shavers, in this case the re-growth is reduced because the hair will not be cut, but will extract the bulb.

Depilation with depilatory cream

Is another painless, but it is only recommended for classic hair removal and not too Sgambati. The term hair removal in this case does not exceed three weeks, but be careful if you have sensitive skin. In fact these depilatory creams act by burning pelifero bulb and in some cases may cause redness especially on sensitive skin.

Wax depilation

warm wax
It is the most traditional method of hair removal that guarantees a long life, but also the most painful. This method can be done at a beauty salon or more conveniently at home through the use of hot waxing or disposable strips. In recent years over the classic waxing, who was going to clean only the area that flowed from the slip, they have caught on types such as Brazilian waxing is the total. The first came from the beaches of Rio and is to eliminate almost total pubic hair, while the total providing for its entire elimination.

In addition to the methods it is good to know the various types of hair removal and for each of these is essential to take care of the treated area both before and after the hair removal, through the right hydration and the use of a scrub to prevent the appearance of unwanted hair.

integral depilation

There more painful of all is that type which provides for the complete removal of pubic hair, also chosen by many movie stars, but uncommon.

Brazilian Wax or Brazilian waxing

This type who takes the name of the village where she was born is the more common form of hair removal among women. It consists in the complete elimination of the hair leaving only a small square on the pubis.

American Style

Consists in eliminating almost total pubic hair and hair on the lips, this type only leaves a small triangle of hair at the top and is one of the most painful hair removal.

Playboy wax

Also known as waxing French and it became famous thanks to conogliette playboy from which it takes its name. It is a type of waxing that leaves a very small strip in the upper part of the pubis completely eliminating all the other hairs.

classical depilation

It consists of a hair removal which removes only the excess hair that tend to leak from the slip and usually is too Sgambati.