Gama Professional: best hair products on sale for a weekend

Established in 1969, Gama Professional is a leader in the creation of products for hair care products are characterized by advanced technology and high quality.

There first professional plate produced on a large scale was in fact created here by the owner Mario Gardini ability to listen to the creative needs of some beauty salons and to respond in a timely manner by inventing a tool for creating original and trendy look.

THE'ten years experience it's a constant research and development Gama have made the landmark of hairdressers and hair addicted around the world and made its products real must-have.

If you have always dreamed of owning one, do not miss the special initiative launched by the company on the occasion of the balances: a weekend discounts on plates, hair dryer, curling irons, hair clipper and trimmer men.

Discover here the technology and the Gama Professional products and conditions to buy the object of your desires at an amazingly affordable price!

The technology and the Gama Professional products

It's 1969 when Gama Professional dell'hairstyle conquers the world with the first professional plate produced on a large scale. Since then almost fifty years have passed, during which the company is developing a series of equipment and revolutionary accessories which make it a benchmark in the international market, with offices, laboratories and production sites in Russia, South America and China and sales in over 50 countries.

An important step in the growth process is the development of technology QuickHeat, that allows you to have hot plates and ready to use in seconds, speeding up the styling time, but it is the Instant Heat Technology (HIT), patented in 2010 and sold starting from the same year, to mark a deep furrow between Gama Professional products and those of competitors.

in fact, this revolutionary technology, allows the plates to heat up very quickly and of maintaining a homogeneous temperature during styling, making it smooth and shiny hair longer because just one pass to get a perfect look, resulting in less stress for the crown. This result also guaranteed by 'fluctuation the rocker dies and the ability to execute the hairstyle with convenience and unhindered thanks to the Cable 3 meter.

But the process of research and development of Gama Professional knows no limit and side plates - real feather in the company - appear hair dryers, curling irons, clippers and trimmers Professional, until the last novelties in order of time represented by the phon line 100% Made in Italy.

The goal of the company founded by Mario Gardini, in fact, is to increase further the concepts of style and beauty in the name of quality products and a glamorous and innovative design.

Gama Professional: a weekend of discounts in the sign of quality

Gama Professional: best hair products on sale for a weekend

Since the birth of the first professional plate produced on a large scale, Gama Professional demonstrates attention and a unique sensitivity to its customers, professionals and hair addicted. a vocation customer oriented that is confirmed by the special initiative launched by the company in conjunction of winter sales in 2016.

From Friday 29 to Sunday, January 31, In fact, on 'e-commerce Gama Professional ( you can buy all the products with a 30% discount and enjoy the added benefit of free delivery within three days.

A unique opportunity to take down a product of exceptional quality, and - why not - find the gift to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is coming and in fact, a rich selection of equipment and accessories proposed by the company manage to make happy even her or him by the most discriminating tastes.

If February 14 is waiting for a special event, "played in advance" and bought a plate, a curling iron, a hair dryer, a hair clipper or trimmer for create a flawless look and leave gaping the person who makes your heart beat.