Enamels effect gel for perfect nails

Last trends in the nail art industry, the gel nail polish effect It allows to obtain a result similar to that of the semi-permanent polish applied to the beautician with the UV lamp, in the comfort of your own home. It is enamels that, precisely because of their gel texture, have a plumping effect three dimensional, or they are thicker than traditional enamels, with a fuller color and more brightness to get a perfect manicure and without flaws. Apply as the normal glazes, but they have a greater seal and leave the most polished surface. There are several brands that have launched them for spring enamels.


Avon presents the collection enamels Finish Gel, in 19 colors, which give the nails a smooth appearance and a full-bodied color similar to what you can get the beautician. It is enamel 3 in 1, or glaze that form the base, enamel and overglaze and offer a gloss and bright color for flawless nails even in summer.


Feature of the glazes of Collistar gel effect is the brush that has much more bristles, a brush 350, which, with its rounded and short shape makes it easier to apply it on the nail. In addition to the classic colors, 39 in all, we find the Sorbet online, 6 pastel colors and iridescent devoted to this spring, and Chameleon online, 6 metallic colors for summer.


The Deborah enamels were created more fluids so that they are easier to apply, thanks also to the larger brush which helps to make it less obvious imperfections, creating a better and flexible cover. The line has 23 colors ultraglossy, with a very shiny result.


Enamels effect gel for perfect nails

Pupa presents a formula for ultra shiny nails, Record drying and hyperpigmented color in its line effect Gel, so you get a glossy finish and plumping. The line has 65 colors all with maxi applicator with 440 bristles.


Two are the lines that Debby presents of enamels gel effect: the first with 11 pop colors, while the second with 11 tones between red and pink. A system Patented which helps to create a protective and more plastic films, preserving the enamel from shocks.


The line Salon Pro Rimmel with Lycra Pro It allows to obtain a manicure extremely strong, long-lasting and with a gloss effect gel. Salon Pro With LYCRA has a wide range of 70 shades of which 11 were signed and created by Kate Moss.