Doll Makeup for Halloween: the videotutorial

To create a makeup doll we need first thing in a very light foundation or a colored fat. Those that I use are usually the easy brand Kryolan available in single-brand store, but if you are not interested in buying new products and especially not in very good market you can simply use those colors that you find adorable on any stationery under the Halloween period, or you can use your foundation, but instead of using a normal face powder, use talcum powder. This will be your complexion much clearer.

Doll Makeup for Halloween: the 01 video tutorials
But let us! What catches the eye of the dolls are usually very large eyes, so first thing is what we must have is a white pencil that we will put in the eye and outside the inner rim forming a semi-circle that starts from within eye to the other outer side. Then we fix everything with a white eye shadow; This process will give us the impression that our eye is much larger than normal.

We outline the semicircle with an eye shadow in shades of pink, lilac or blue, colors that are easily traceable to the dolls. We mark this line well and sfumiamo outward. With the same color we fill the upper eyelid and a darker color we give depth to the eye, creating a crescent in the crease between the eyelid and the fixed eyelid.

As a final touch to the completion of these eyes doll can not miss a line of eyeliner and false eyelashes fantastic both above but mostly below where we outlined our semicircle.

Doll Makeup for Halloween: the 02 video tutorials

Important mouth! We cover both the upper lip and the lower with the same base used at the beginning so as to make it homogeneous to the rest of the face. The delete! Later we draw with a pencil the classic heart-shaped mouth and in the end we go with a lipstick on pink to repass this form. Let's make matt (matt) using a powder. This process moreover allow the lipstick to resist longer.

To spice up our makeup we can add an extra step. Why not create cracks on the face of our doll? As if she fell and porcelain was broken? To do this we can simply use an eyeliner and create broken lines and holes that then we're going to fill it with black to give the sense of depth. This is an optional step, so the choice is yours and enjoy!

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