Cuts of medium hair: copy the look of the stars

Is called bobsleigh and it cut that will mark this holiday season. It is a mean or average cut short. A perfect length for women who want to change, but without totally disrupting their look. From high fashion to the stars, this year the average hair goes crazy! At the bottom is comfortable, easily shaped and also very sexy, because it brings out of his neck, one of the points has always been loved by men.


Neither too long nor short, Victoria Beckham She shows off her smooth bob with extreme elegance and refinement for many years now. We have seen her take this cut in different ways, but the one that gives the most is always the classic smooth. The same look for Nicol Richie, but it brought with the line from one side. No less an actress Leighton Meester who has not been able to resist this new trend: wears a bob combed back. Katy Perry He has chosen a black helmet, with geometrical fringe, for a more aggressive mood.


The average cut can also be worn rough and in this way gives a special touch to see, making it more impish. The selected Kelly Osburn in a weird shape, coloring it a lilac that will certainly catch your attention. And then there is the beautiful Keira Knightley which sports an elegant curl and composed. For Emma Roberts and Emily Blunt, -blonde, bring a wave sensual 50s outlining the hair and gives the face a delicate appearance.

Cuts of medium hair: copy the look of the stars


Smooth or rough, this cut is also good climbing. Indeed the more it personalized the better, because the details, as always, make the difference. So away with fringes and bangs, and wisps colored wisps. Another touch that makes the single cut is the line: central, lateral, or zigzag. Some people choose to collect hair as Uma Thurman, leading her hair swayed above his head. Ipek Arnas on the catwalk hairdo climbing and disheveled, as well Cameron Diaz, for she climbed was always a must.