Best high solar protection

At last summer's here, along with the desire to lie down to sunbathe. But be careful because the sunbathers can often prove detrimental, due to the action of UVA and UVB rays, which can cause wrinkles and stains, but also sunburn, especially if you have a clear and delicate complexion. In this case it is essential the use of solar, which must be high-protection, in particular during the first days of exposure when the skin has not yet had time to produce melanin. There high protection, as the 50It is even more necessary in the case of fresh wounds or scars, In fact, in these areas the skin is very sensitive to light and in the absence of a sunscreen if exposed, stains and imperfections shape. Ricordatate then that these products are indispensable in trips to exotic destinations, such as a honeymoon in the Maldives or Polynesia, and in countries around the world where the sun's rays are more aggressive. If your next vacation will be to Caribbean or Hawaii do not forget to apply a high sun protection to prevent sunburn, not replace it with a too low protection factor, even if the tan began to be seen.

The rules for a good tan They are few, but all must be respected. First you apply the half-hour protection before arriving at the beach. It also prepares your skin to welcome the sun with a scrub to remove dead cells and always keep it moisturized and protected, remembering to spread the protection every hour, in fact, the sweat, the sea water and the sand might limit its effectiveness.


Sun Cream SPF 50: It offers a reinforced protection against UVA / UVB rays, helping to prevent the formation of sunspots and wrinkles. And 'good for the first exposures especially if you have sensitive or very fair skin. € 18.90.


Defence Sun 50+: a product suitable for sensitive and intolerant skin. The formula includes Raksaa Complex that helps fight aging and the action of free radicals. € 21.75.


Creme SPF50 Protectrice sublimating: It contains the Tan Protect complex that protects the skin from damage caused by sun, fostering lasting and uniform tan. 32, 23 €.


Capital Soleil Emulsion Anti-shine SPF 50: a specific calendar for oily skin, absorbs quickly and dries excess sebum leaving the skin dull. You buy at the pharmacy, € 19.16.


Not a simple but a sunscreen product for all skin types and for all needs: from dry skin to the fat, from the stick for sensitive areas to the foundation with SPF 50+. Moreover the real innovation is the Mineral range, designed for people intolerant to chemical filters and perfume. The delicacy and attention to detail live at home Avène.

Best high solar protection


Sun Cream SPF 50+ My Starch: a sunscreen with an optimal formulation, is free of parabens, mineral oils and heavy metals. Contains pure rice starch, gamma-oryzanol and vitamin E. You can buy it in pharmacies to € 12.68.

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Eight Hour Cream Sun Defense SPF 50: The best of the sunscreen for the face. Perfect to nourish and moisturize dry skin for more than eight hours. € 21.20.


Stick Sensitive Areas SPF 50+: It has a pH neutral, without perfumes and preservatives and is specific for the sun protection of the most sensitive areas such as lips, nose, around the eyes, moles, tattoos and stains. € 9.09.