Beach Waves, summer hair trend

loose hair and soft waves dried in the sun after swimming in a tropical paradise it is the beach waves style that caught the catwalks for Spring / Summer 2014. And we are ready to bet that will never go out of fashion, as shatush: Is one of those looks that exceed the trend and will become a loyal ally of stars and beyond. The soft waves a little 'unruly that replicate the effect of salt are perfect for the summer, also in the city. Here are some simple guidance on how to implement them.

How to do

Anyone can show off the look beach waves and no need to rush to the beach. Your hair is straight, wavy or curly looks, the environment gives to all. From this year you can also request the beach wave style in salon: Professional treatment and permanent seeds will ensure the perfect tousled waves. Jean Louis David It proposes the treatment S-Wave to recreate the typical wavy effect. The news  Beach Waves of Compagnia della Bellezza It ensures an average life of six to eight weeks. In Milan, the living room extro Hairdressers It created the service New Memory, perfect for treated hair. And for those who love do-it-yourself just follow a few simple indication.

Straight hair

Let the hair dry naturally and apply a texturizing spray. Using a curling iron of medium size, take a strand of about 5cm and roll it around the irons, continue with other strands, making sure to take them in any order, the result should not be too precise. After the operation, combed his fingers and supplemented by other texturizing spray or lacquer to taste. The recommended product: Bumble and bumble Surf Spray.

Wavy hair

If your hair is naturally wavy, like those of Gisele Budchen, the game is much easier. Simply spread a gel for curly hair on damp hair, make a soft chignon and let them dry. Then upside down and melt you comb the hair with your fingers, apply a texturizing spray as the last step. The recommended product: Curl Shaping Spray Gel Garnier.

Curly hair

Beach Waves, summer hair trend

If you have a curly hair to achieve the effect beach waves the hair should be dried smoothing it with a round brush, remembering to first apply an anti frizz serum. then with curling medium size create soft waves. Then apply a spray texturizzante. The recommended product: Sea Spray Lush.

Beach Waves L'Oreal

Beach Waves is the treatment thought by cosmetics giant: it takes about an hour and It is made exclusively in salon with specific products. The hair after being subjected to a tensile test, are put blow-drying with appropriate supports - Said waver - and left to dry naturally. The use of specific products as Pro Keratin Refill amplify the effect. For the maintenance you can use the Kits Beach Waves L'Oreal delivered at the end of treatment.