Almond oil: uses and properties

almond oil
a natural remedy also indicated for children

THE'almond oil It is known for his dependents benefits of hair and skin, especially during the delicate period of pregnancy to prevent the formation of stretch marks.
used daily of the breast, stomach, in fact, thighs and hips, from the first months of pregnancy, associated with a light massage circular, it allows to maintain the elastic tissues. Try the 'sweet almond oil L'Erbolario,  invigorating and soothing, available in herbal medicine or in drugstores.

The price the precious almond oil fluctuates between € 3.50 and € 10.

pure sweet almond oil
How do you get and what it contains

THE'oil of pure sweet almond 100% is the one most widely used in cosmetics and is obtained by cold pressing of the almonds, thus not any oil, but a complex product, rich in vitamins of the groups E, B and D, mineral salts Fundamental (such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and potassium) and many fatty acids allies of our beauty.
A product suitable for all its special formulation of all natural and free of contraindications makes it an ideal product for the 'hydration of the most sensitive and delicate of children - As an emollient on skin irritations of all kinds, including diaper dermatitis and abrasions -  and the elderly.
The strong moisturizing properties mean that almond oil is Also suitable on the lips against the cold as well as nails, associated with castor oil, to make them stronger and healthier.

An ally of the skin and hair

Being slightly thick, sweet almond oil can be mixed with sugar for the facial scrub and delicate areas of the body, resulting in an effective method that makes the skin soft and free of impurities. Used after the shower, however, almond oil can be used to make massage and to give elasticity and tone to the very dry and very dry skin.

On a hair wrap it is recommended Mild based on almond oil before shampooing to revitalize and to make them shiny, especially in the case of hair treated or stressed. Dampen the hair lightly and apply the oil on tips and lengths, gently massaging. If even your scalp is dry, proceed with the application also to the roots, always massaging. Wear a shower cap to keep the heat for about an hour, then proceed with the shampoo as usual. The hair will be nourished and super shiny.

For those who want maintain a little 'longer tanning avoiding that annoying flaking that naturally occurs after exposure to the sun, almond oil is a great natural remedy that protects the skin thanks to its unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Your tan will last much longer resulting golden uniform.